Online dating safety — remember about protection

Searching for a partner today is no longer a big deal, compared to times when we had to go through tonnes of difficulties just to meet a new person. And it was just the first step! No one ever guaranteed you could build a relationship with this person. The reason is that too many factors have to coincide to let you fall in love with each other. The internet has removed all the limits and boundaries, so you can easily find a suitable partner from any country. Singles of different races, nations, and confessions gather together in one place and look for someone to love. This place is a special website that offers you various features that will make the search effortless. 

Join SofiaDate to get what you want and become happier! Using our service, you are always sure that you are 100% safe. We will tell you how everything works, and how to stay secured on the internet whatever you are doing. People are very concerned about this aspect of online dating, and this is normal. We should be curious about such important questions. If you agree, continue reading the article and become smarter with us!

Technical Side

Let’s figure out how everything works and why you should not worry about possible crimes online. What are the risks? People on the site provide a lot of personal data upon registration and filling profiles. They also provide financial information to make payments. Users are usually afraid that someone may steal this information, steal money, or even identity. We understand your fears and that’s why we use the most reliable and well-tested measures to ensure your protection.


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The very first measure that is taken mainly against fake accounts is the obligatory verification process. It’s divided into two stages: automatic and manual. To complete registration, you have to confirm your email address, which prevents the creation of bot accounts. By confirming your email address, you prove you are a real person. After that, the team of moderators will inspect you to see if there is anything suspicious about you. They will maintain such inspections from time to time to monitor your activity. Thus, malicious users are not allowed to use the service.


All transactions and your connection are protected with SSL encryption, which is a golden standard for such sites. These protocols don’t let anyone steal your information when you enter it on the site. A little «lock» icon on the left of the site’s address at the address bar in your browser denotes that the connection is secured and you have nothing to worry about. 

Privacy Policy

If you think that the information you provide can be shared with third parties, you are wrong. The privacy policy keeps your personal data confidential. Without a special warrant, no one can use it. There are only a few cases when the site can share information about you with the police or other law enforcement. 

Terms and Conditions

To regulate the activity, there are rules on the service that users must obey. Those who don’t follow the rules will be banned. This helps to keep the quality of the community on a high level. The more responsible community you have — the safer the service is. Users can make themselves familiar with the full list of rights and obligations on the corresponding page, and here are some examples of them:

  • only people who are 18 or over can register on the site;
  • no drugs, weapon, escort, or other illegal things could be mentioned; 
  • any kind of discrimination is prohibited;
  • harassment and offensive behavior are not allowed;
  • you can use only real information in your profile. 

Such simple rules are not hard to follow but yet efficient. If you want to get satisfaction from using the platform, make sure you stick to these points.

Online Dating Safety Tips

So, the site has done its best to protect you, and now you know how it works. Such knowledge gives you a better understanding of possible accidents, which gives you extra peace of mind as the result. However, we all know that it’s coworking, and you also have to put some effort into making your online dating experience safe. We have gathered a few tips and rules that seem to be the most useful. There are many tips that can help you avoid problems, and we recommend you to make yourself familiar with all of them, but here is what we’ve prepared specifically for you:

  • Keep your data confidential. Don’t tell anyone your personal or financial information. No one has a right to ask you for such information, even the administration of the site.
  • Get closer. Unfortunately, there are no video chats on the site yet, but you can ask for additional contacts as you get closer to each other, and make a video call later. This will help you see if the person you are talking to corresponds to the user on the site.
  • Don’t trust. We don’t say that you should be paranoid — just be careful. Whenever you think that there is something suspicious, try to avoid it. Don’t open links to other resources not to become a victim of «fishers». Contact moderators by submitting a report if you have noticed inappropriate actions.

online dating safety

  • Log-in data. Keep your password and login in secret. It’s better not to have it written down anywhere, so no one can find it. Try to remember this information.
  • Log out. If you use your account on public computers, it’s essential to log out and erase all saved data before you end working. Use an incognito session in your browser to automatically log out and erase all the data once you close the window.
  • Antivirus. Use antivirus software to prevent getting infected by any virus that may steal your information. It’s a standard safety measure that all users should take when they go online. 

Offline Dating Safety Tips

Even if you know how to make your online experience safe, it’s not enough for dating. The main idea of such sites is to help you find a partner in real life, and the main goal here is to arrange a date. What if your potential partner wants to fool you? You should always be careful and remember these tips: 

  • Public place. Don’t invite a potential partner to your place for the first date, and don’t go to others’ homes. It’s better to find a neutral area where you both can be confident, such as a restaurant. People around you can always help you if something goes wrong.
  • Tell your friends. Just let someone know where you are and what you are doing. This is a good way to ensure a plan «B». Your friends can react faster to accidents if they know where you are.
  • Sexual contact. Make sure you are both major before sexual contact. It’s better to do it not on the first date to avoid unpleasant situations. People may try to abuse you.

Support Service

We do care about you, that’s why we update our security systems and monitor what is going on. To make you feel comfortable, our specialists work 24×7, and you can ask them to help at any time you want it. They will fix any issue and help you overcome your problems. Such a dedicated support team is a sign of quality. Just fill in the special form or contact using email. Get a reply within 1 working day or even faster. The support service works to make your experience better and more enjoyable.


Each new day is a new chance — a chance to get something or to lose. This means we always have risks. But it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take the risk or not. We offer you the most stable, confident, and reliable service and different ways to protect yourself from accidents. Search for a partner without being afraid of losing, get more than you give, and enjoy the time you spend on the site. 

Use our tips to achieve your goals with no worries and fears. This is not complicated to start a new life and find the partner of your dreams when you know how to do it, where to do it, and how not to mess up. Although the internet is a cruel thing that has many dark sides, you can feel safe here. Together we can overcome all problems and find new solutions. Do your friends know about our service and dating safety tips that we have talked about? Hurry up and tell them everything you know now!