Married dating: the benefits and downsides

Regardless of how long you have been living a married life, your relationship may not be as exciting as it was many years ago. People lose love, passion, do not have any intimacy, and live together just for the sake of children or common business. Meanwhile, they both have their personal lives and other affairs with different people. It may seem disgusting and inappropriate; however, married dating exists and is a reality of our life. Some men pursue dating married women, they feel a certain thrill in it and adore to get all the benefits of dating without obligations.

There are both pros and cons of dating married people. You can join dating sites for married couples and try how it works and whether it is for you at all. But first, check out the following tips on married dating and find out about its perks and downsides.

How to date married women

For some guys, married women are like forbidden fruits that are so sweet. They consider it a challenge to seduce a woman who has a husband. If you are one of them, then you should know how to date married people safely. These tips will be also helpful if you are married yourself. Dating married people is an art and you should master it first. Read the guide below and see whether you can date someone married and whether you need married dating at all.

Sign up for a dating site

married dating sites

There are plenty of free dating sites for married people even though it sounds paradoxical. A huge number of married men and women join such sites in search of extra affairs. You are not alone in your desires. Such sites were created specifically for people willing to spice up their family lives.

Dating sites for married people allow not hiding anything and give you a unique chance to choose any lady who is looking for an affair while being married. You do not even need to make excuses for your desires. It is clear for everyone from the very beginning who joined the site for what. Of course, you can sign up for a casual dating site also. It won’t be honest though while people do not subscribe to dating married men and women but to finding their spouses. Thus, looking for a partner while being married on a casual dating site is very unfair.

Even if you are honest with people from the very beginning and mention your marital status, you risk being deleted from a dating site while it is against their rules. We recommend looking for free dating sites for married seekers to avoid all the misunderstandings and facilitate the process.

Always be careful

The truth is married dating is not as fun and safe as you may think. It is always on a knife edge. When you are married, you should never forget about your security. If your marriage is outdated and you both live your own lives separately from each other, it is one thing. However, when your wife doesn’t even suspect your affairs and you are not going to divorce, it is already a betrayal and you must think twice before doing it. When you weigh all the pros and cons but still decide to act, realize that you should never let your guard down.

When you meet a married woman and she tells you sad stories about her bad husband and how unhappy she is, it is not recommended to believe everything to the fullest. Married people lie to their spouses, so why do you think they should be honest with you? Be exceptionally careful when a married lady tells you her married life is over, she doesn’t sleep with her husband, and her husband doesn’t care about her. You will hear that her husband doesn’t mind her dating other men because he is doing the same, etc.

No matter what these people tell you, you should not be too trusting. When dating married women, be ready to face their husbands one wonderful day. Are you ready for such a challenge? Then welcome to a dating site for married women and men.

Remember about conspiracy

Married dating is not the same as when you are single. Some people find specific charm in this conspiracy. You have to keep your relationship in secret all the time, just like two spies. Some people lack this adrenaline and pursue dating other people while being married exactly for experiencing this thrill. Whatever your goals are, you should always remember not to show up in public with your crush. Your or her friends, relatives, colleagues, and whoever might see you together and such well-wishers will definitely tell your spouses about it.

Married dating cannot be called dating to the fullest while you mostly spend time in a bedroom or somewhere in the hotel room. Married people rarely divorce their spouses for the sake of lovers, so they always avoid public places and other people who can see them. The best thing you can count on is to go somewhere out of the city for a weekend. Somewhere to the mountains, woods, lake, etc. In such places, you are alone and no one will surely see you and report to your spouses.

Set your boundaries

No one is speaking of commitments when it comes to dating a married woman or man. However, setting your boundaries from the very beginning is a must. None of you should have hopes for something serious. Remember that married people rarely leave their spouses and you do not have to do it, neither require it from a married woman. You both must talk about it from the very beginning. Do not give any hopes and do not have any hopes yourself. You both owe your spouses until you are divorced, so make sure not to live a double life. Having a casual lover doesn’t require any commitment and you have to realize it.

Do not allow your date to require something more from you, and do not dare to do the same with her.

You risk being blackmailed

married dating

Here is another sad truth about dating while married — your date may blackmail you. Unfortunately, when people cross that line and start cheating on their spouses, they are at risk. You never know what person you meet in life or on dating sites for single, engaged, or married people.

Keep in mind that some girls will abuse the situation and try to get benefits from it. If they know you are married and do not want your wife to find out about your affairs, you will do everything to keep that information secret. Thus, your new crush may ask to buy her a new phone, car, or even rent an apartment for her, otherwise, she will let your wife know everything about you two. That’s not a very pleasant situation, is it? Then let us be back to rule number two — always be careful.

Do not hurry to cheat on your wife with the very first hot lady you see. Weigh everything and make sure you can trust this person. Otherwise, it is easy to get into trouble.

You are a home wrecker

One of the worst things about married dating is that you ruin someone’s marriage. This is not the best feeling and if you do not mind, then you can, of course, try and search for someone on a dating site for married people. However, if you are conscious enough, then think well about whether you need it at all. Realizing that you’re interfering with someone’s family isn’t that easy. If you are ready for it, try to put yourself in another guy’s place. Would you like your wife to have extra affairs? What would you do if you found out about it?

Before doing it all, imagine yourself in such a situation. Maybe you will not want to date a married lady after that.

The perks of married dating

Now as you know about all the pitfalls of dating a married woman, let’s try to find out whether such dating has its advantages at all. While many men pursue dating married women, it is obvious they see certain benefits.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Many men consider married women to be extremely experienced;
  • You do not have any obligations while a woman doesn’t expect you to marry her;
  • It is a sort of extreme.

Date wisely!

If you are a married person, think twice before dating someone else. You might be very curious to see what people talk about on dating sites for married couples and nothing more. You are free to join and check it. But when it comes to cheating, you must be extremely cautious and attentive.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned dangers of married dating, you must have very serious reasons for doing it. Keep in mind that thousands of crimes, including murders, are committed by foolish spouses. It only means that dating while being married has its serious consequences. You have to realize all the risks and understand well whether you need it at all. Instead of it, you may just look at your wife differently. Dating your wife is also possible. Arrange a surprise for her, romantic dinner, trip, whatever may freshen your relationships up.

If you need a thrill, ask your spouse for a date, play a bit, and pretend you do not know each other. Wear wigs if you wish, dress differently and play that game. The affair you need might already live by your side.