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Bet you belong to one of those men who are fond of beautiful girls! Stunning women have always been men’s weakness, and there is even a saying that beauty rules the world. In this respect, it can reasonably be mentioned that Slavic ladies are at the forefront of men’s dreams.

Yet, dating Slavic women may be a challenging experience unless you stick to some rules. Not difficult to remember yet essential to the success of your relationship with a Slavic belle, here they come.

How to impress a Slavic girl?

Presumably, you know that these girls are very attractive. Their appearance can’t go unnoticed because their natural beauty is underlined by carefully chosen makeup and cosmetic products. Add here a nice hair-do, a pleasant perfume, an attention-catching pair of earrings, a super trendy outfit…

Try to correspond to her image

It may seem an exaggeration, but it definitely isn’t! Slavic women are almost perfect, which means that you have to strive for perfection, too, if you want to date them. Quite a natural requirement. If you want to be with a queen, you are supposed to be a king.

Thus, you have to look sweet, neat, and desirable. Pay attention to your clothes (it shouldn’t be baggy, old-fashioned, old or dirty), shoes (Slavic ladies always notice men’s shoes!), the perfume you are wearing (it’s preferable to put some on), your hairstyle and beard/mustache.

Always remember about compliments

Well, this point seems obvious, but keep in mind that your compliments should concern a certain element of her outfit. This requires attention and a bit of creativity on your side, so make sure you can boast about these traits.

For instance, it’s a bad idea to merely say that she looks gorgeous. Mention the color of her necklace or earrings, underline how they suit the color of her eyes, etc. Yet, don’t overact. Be sincere and don’t pretend to be better than you really are. Slavic women instantly spot such things. 

Laughter will bring you closer

Funny men are always popular with women. Especially this holds true for Slavic women who are optimistic, kind-hearted and always smiling. Thus, it is a good piece of advice to remember or prepare some jokes beforehand so that you could impress her with your sense of humor.

Ladies and gentlemen…

The principle rule while dating Slavic girls is to treat them like ladies. They are ladies, indeed, since their sense of dignity and innate femininity perfectly serve this function. You should care about your Slavic girlfriend and be really attentive to her and her desires.

Apart from such typical kind gestures as giving her a hand when she is getting out of a car or going down the stairs, why not offer her your jacket if she seems to have got cold? Remember about flowers. These ladies are crazy about them (but make sure you bring an odd number of them).  

As for gifts, avoid making expensive presents especially if you don’t know each other well enough. You see, Slavic ladies are very smart, fair, and cautious, and they don’t like being indebted. For this reason, the signs of your affection should be sweet yet not very expensive. In the end, we are talking not about money but your attention and genuine interest in your lady’s life.

Taboos while dating a Slavic belle

If you want to attract and keep a Slavic girl’s attention, stick to the following principles:

Forget about jealousy

Taking into consideration the facts described above, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that other men are looking at your Slavic girlfriend. She is beautiful and she wants others to notice it! She does need men’s admiration, so make sure you can stand such glances.

Don’t act like a jealous owner since these women hate being controlled. Trust means a lot to them. Be confident, courageous, and respectful. Show your woman that you do appreciate her efforts to look nice, and this will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of other admirers. 

Don’t assume she is after your money only

This is one of the most widespread and harmful myths that Slavic women are looking for rich foreign bridegrooms. First, you need to know that in Slavic countries, being a provider is traditionally a male role. That’s why Slavic girls are looking for men who can become a head of their family. Yet, these women are hard-working, diligent, and rather independent.

Secondly, what’s wrong about a desire to change one’s life for better? Wise, versatile, and highly educated, Slavic women realize their self-worth and want to have a worthy partner by their side. It’s nothing but a matter of self-respect typical of Slavic beauties.

Avoid being rude and using offensive language

While communicating with Slavic girls, bear in mind that they like polite and literate men. So, make sure your grammar is almost impeccable, avoid rude offensive words and/or dirty jokes. Also, don’t try to sound cool using some trendy words or expressions if you aren’t sure about their meaning or they mismatch your age or typical lexicon.

Don’t try her patience

Of course, Slavic ladies are known for their mild character and patience, but this has nothing to do with disrespect. If you decide to disappear from her life without explaining the reasons for that, be sure your relationship is doomed. These women hate being played with; if their feelings aren’t appreciated but taken for granted, they go away and never look back.  

What about dating Slavic women online?

Almost all of the abovementioned points can be applied to dating Slavic belles in the cyberspace. Now, the question arises: where do you meet these gorgeous ladies?

Despite the fact that there are many sites offering dating Slavic women, there is a number of reasons why stands at the forefront of online dating. Let’s consider them in detail.

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Virtual dating becomes a reality

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All in all, dating Slavic women is a worthy experience. Should you treat your Slavic belle respectfully, she will become the best wife, lover, friend, and mother of your kids for sure! Don’t miss such a chance! Get acquainted with them right now.