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From ancient times, people feel the necessity of loving someone. And this is not a new fact. But hundreds of years ago, we were not afraid to share our feelings and we didn’t have the phenomenon of cheating. This is a new concept that brings complications into our lives. Today, we have a lot of secrets and we want to save them. Some people are afraid of social attitudes, others don’t want to be revealed. The reasons are not important because the point is that a big percentage of people need help to keep their affairs confidential. Besides, they need help to find partners because they can’t just tell everyone about their plans. This looks like a dead end. 

But not for us! Since such a problem is not new, people have been thinking a lot about how to solve it. And today, we have online services that combine dating features with anonymity, letting you search for partners and remain hidden. We don’t ask you why you need this, we just offer all the necessary features so that you can fulfill your dreams. Get to know how it works!

What is discreet online dating?

For a better understanding of the idea of anonymous dating on the internet, it’s necessary to figure out what online dating is. The 21st century is the age of progress, which leads to significant changes in our society and other aspects of life. The internet nowadays is not a premium thing that can be afforded only by rich people. It’s the most popular way of communication. People create various websites and services to facilitate the routine and make our life a little simpler. Thus, we have online games, video/music streaming services, forums, shops, and other helpful websites. Of course, people decided to use such a great opportunity to solve the problem with the partner search.

A typical anonymous dating site

What is a dating site today? This is the question that you need to answer, in case you want to feel the difference between standard platforms and anonymous services. So, everything begins with a simple registration, as always. Unlike any other site, here you don’t have to provide your real name and other personal details that will be visible to other users. This makes registration even faster. So you won’t spend more than a few minutes on it. 

Regarding the way such sites look, there is nothing special, to be honest. We mean that anonymity is just a great feature but the main theme, so these websites look like standard dating services: a nice, bright design, beautiful pictures, neat and easy-to-read fonts, and so on. What’s great is that navigation is pretty straightforward, and none of the new members will be confused with the interface. These two elements create a perfect mix together, making users feel comfortable on the site. 

Behind these fancy decorations, there are millions of people who want the same as you do and features that will lead you to what you dream of. The best part about it is that no one will ever know that you were here. Find the sign-up/enter button if you are ready to begin. 


The functionality of discreet dating sites has the same base as other types of dating services. The core idea is to provide people with the possibility to find suitable partners, according to their preferences. The difference is that here you don’t necessarily have to reveal yourself until you want it. Although anonymity is necessary mainly for those who look for quick flings and casual encounters, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a lifetime partner here. That’s why one of the most essential features is still the search. 

We all know what Google is, and so you probably know a little about searching algorithms. They are quite simple: you make a request and the system starts looking for matches. That’s how the searching feature works on dating services. Make a request by choosing the preferable parameters of your future partner and see who meets such conditions. What about the other features? Some of them are also pretty standard, while others are unique for this niche. Let’s take a look at a few unique features that you may face using anonymous dating sites:

  • Guest entry. Unlike other platforms, these ones may not require registration. Especially, if we are talking about random chats. This allows users to use a site without providing any personal details. 
  • Anonymous browsing. This is the feature that allows you to browse other profiles in stealth mode. If you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve been to their personal pages, this feature is for you.
  • Blur. People have to know how you look, but you can’t show your dave to anyone. Otherwise, it will break anonymity, which seems pretty stupid. That’s why your profile pic is blurred until you give permission to a particular user. 
  • Random chat. Random chats are not obligatory separate sites, they can be a part of a service. Since you can’t get to know a lot about a person without communicating with him or her, it doesn’t really matter who you are talking to. Connect to random users and see if you are compatible with each other. 
  • Hidden payments. When you purchase something on a site, such as a premium subscription plan, for example, this will be shown in your credit history. To save you from getting into trouble, payments are displayed under a fake name so that people will never know where these payments were made.
  • AR filters. Video chat roulettes offer its users to try special masks that cover the face. This is not just a feature for anonymity, it’s also a fun game element. 

Relationships dating and anonymous dating advice

You don’t need to have any special skills to use a dating site. This is the task that can be done by any person, thanks to the well-developed interface and good optimization. However, we can’t say the same regarding relationships. So we want to help you find the most suitable partner to avoid as many complications in the future as possible. Follow these tips to achieve success: 

  • Complete your profile. The point is to fill in all the fields and provide maximum information about yourself but keep your profile interesting and unique. To do this, you should define the most crucial facts about you and exclude not interesting moments of your life. Use the «about me» section to tell others more personal details. This will catch people’s attention when they will be browsing other member’s profiles. It’s important to stand out from others.
  • Get ready. You have to set your aims and decide what exactly you want to have from your future relationship. Before even registering on a dating site, think about your previous experiences, analyze mistakes, and create an image of a perfect match. This will save you a lot of time. 
  • Follow the rules. The quality of the service is in your hands. You form the community, which means you have to keep everything in a good condition. Report violations, block suspicious users, and submit feedback regarding technical issues. 
  • Try premium features. One of the best ways to make the search faster and more enjoyable is to become a premium member. You don’t have to be premium forever, so you can cancel your subscription at any time. But it’s highly recommended to at least try how it feels. 
  • Mobile apps. Use mobile apps and mobile versions of sites to stay online with the help of your mobile devices. This gives you a great amount of space for actions. You can be anywhere and keep in touch with other members.
  • Be positive. Although this advice doesn’t seem very helpful, you must stick to it if you want to find a partner as soon as possible. A dating service is a place where you come to take a rest and enjoy the moment. Negative vibes will push people aside.


The internet is a place where freedom is considered one of the most valuable things. We can’t judge other people, especially if we don’t know their situations. Instead of it, we can do something good — we can help people. And if you want to have an opportunity for discreet affairs, then try anonymous online dating websites. Join the community of people who understand you and share your views. Find partners in a few clicks and don’t worry about protection. Anonymous dating websites know how to keep secrets. And if your friends, colleagues, or anyone else also need help to keep their secrets — tell them about such a great phenomenon.