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There are different opinions about online dating chats. Some people don’t want to spend time communicating with a virtual partner they may never meet in reality; others praise online dating since it has helped them to find a soulmate. Yet, it can be said for sure that online chat dating is the fastest way of meeting new friends from foreign countries.   

Though a lot of people consider that nothing can replace communication in real life, online dating chat rooms have a lot of perks that make online chat dating an irresistible alternative for individuals looking for a friend or a life-long partner.

Advantages of online dating chats

Let’s see what makes chat room dating so popular with people of all ages and nationalities.

High accessibility

In the first place, chat dating sites give you freedom. If you have Internet connection and a gadget, you are almost a king of cyberspace! Your geographical location doesn’t matter, you don’t have to leave your home, and you shouldn’t worry about the way you approach a potential match!

Time doesn’t matter

While it is unusual to communicate with people in real life at night, online chatting gives you the possibility of chatting all day or night long. Moreover, due to time zone differences, it may be even more convenient for you to talk with people from other countries. Or if you are too busy during the day, you can relax chatting at night.

No need for immediate answers

Unlike during face-to-face conversations, online chats give you more time to think about what you want to say. Moreover, online chat dating gives you more time to find a suitable approach to an interlocutor based on the information you can find in the «About me» section.

Several interlocutors at the same time   

Can you imagine yourself simultaneously talking to three or five people in reality? Well, even your imagination is that powerful, it’s quite difficult to fulfill this task in real life. Dating chat sites, however, allow you to simultaneously talk to several matches and choose those ones who seem the most compatible with you.

Besides, you should keep in mind that it’s much easier to start a conversation by texting online than approaching a person we like in reality. For this reason, chat room dating is an excellent option for shy young people or reserved mature seniors who haven’t been dating for a considerable period of time.

You are the master of your fate

While dating online remember that you are the only person who defines the circle you communicate with. Applying corresponding filters, you are free to choose the most appealing interlocutors with the same interests and values. Also, you are free to keep the pace of communication that makes you feel comfortable and you may quit whenever you want to.

Dating advice to succeed in online chats

Many men wonder how they should approach a woman they like. With our tips, this task isn’t a challenge anymore!

Try to stand out from the crowd

In the first place, you should bear in mind that in the digital world, rivalry within male daters is rather high. That’s why you should think of a more interesting beginning of your conversation than a banal message like «Hi, honey. How are you?» Why not ask a woman about her opinion on some matters that you find important?

Yet, you shouldn’t pretend you are a super smart guy with PhD if you really aren’t. Be sincere, honest, and don’t use trendy words and expressions just to seem younger. Be yourself and show her what makes you special.

You shouldn’t also be afraid to mention some of your hobbies if they seem weird to you. Women will definitely appreciate your sincerity, which may help you to win their trust.  

Intrigue a lady by your active interest

No, you definitely shouldn’t be clingy but show that you are interested in her as a personality. Instead of constantly speaking about your life, your hobbies, and future plans, ask her questions. Show that she really matters to you and that you see more about her than merely a pretty face and a gorgeous body. Your spelling should be almost ideal since women are crazy about literate men.

Turn on your sense of humor

As a rule, women are easily attracted to men with a swift sense of humor. Thus, prove that you can be funny, unpredictable, and light-hearted. There is too much seriousness in everyday life, so prove your woman that she can relax while communicating with you. This is what nice flirting is about — a timely joke, wit, and spontaneity.    

Timely responses

Despite the fact that online chatting lets us respond whenever we want or feel like that, it’s advisable to answer in a timely manner. Firstly, it means that you do value your interlocutor. Secondly, if a woman gets timely responses from you, she will understand that she is interesting to you, which will encourage her to behave more actively.

Last but not least, it’s exactly how gentlemen behave, and women adore being treated like ladies. Don’t make them wait for your messages, pay them compliments, and don’t be afraid to express your true feelings. Women love with ears, remember?

«Ghosting» isn’t an option

Also, keep in mind that not all women like being checked or played with. So, if your intentions are serious, you’d better not disappear for some days/weeks or start ignoring them. The majority of mature women are able to notice these manipulations, and they won’t put up with such games.

If you really dislike something, be straightforward about that with a girl. Tell why you don’t want to continue communicating or what concerns you have. Act as a courageous man, not a shy liar. Don’t become a «digital ghost» because this practice may hurt your interlocutor.

How do SofiaDate dating chat rooms function?

Now that we know the principal points about successful communication with ladies in dating chat rooms, let’s see how it functions on dating chat sites like SofiaDate.

What does the Chat function presuppose?

You can consider the Chat function as a regular tool that allows you to instantly send and receive messages like Viber of Facebook Messenger. If your interlocutor is active (online), they will be able to read your message and send an instant response.

If a member is currently offline, no worries! They will get notifications informing about your messages when they log in.

Apart from being informed about chat messages, our users also get notifications about actions with their profiles. This means that you can see who has viewed and liked your profile and decide who you want to chat with.

Quite a useful feature. If you message someone who finds you appealing, you are more likely to get a positive response, aren’t you? This way, you don’t have to waste time guessing who you should write to.

Are there any filters?

For your convenience, you can apply the following filters.

In «Dialogues», you can view your personal communication with a member.

Applying the «Unread» filter you can read new messages.

The «Favorites» filter lets you quickly access your favorite interlocutor’s profile so that you wouldn’t lose them amidst other members. Just mark a woman you like as «favorite.»

«Your Likes» filter also helps you to always stay in touch with the most appealing interlocutors. Once you like a member’s profile, they will appear in this section.

Other useful features

  • to find a lady you want to text, you can look for chats via member’s name or ID;
  • the «Online» filter shows you who is online and available for chatting right now;
  • also, for every girl you've started communicating with, you can make a gift, request her contact details, or even organize a meeting;
  • to like a participant’s profile, send a wink (you can do it for free only once);
  • provided that you don’t want to communicate with a member for some reasons, you can block them by adding their profile to the Blocklist;
  • to make your communication with a lady more vivid, interesting, and closer to life, you can attach photos, video, and audio files;
  • your chatting history is stored forever;
  • should you notice any improper or suspicious behavior, contact us using the service «To Complain.»

As you see, SofiaDate Team has made everything possible to provide a convenient, simple, and efficient online dating space for all men regardless of their age or nationality. To make your chatting experience not only fun but also safe, stick to the following points.

Don’t share too much information as well as personal сontact details with a person you don’t know well yet. Likewise, don’t send any money or precious presents if a member you don’t know well enough asks you to. Remember that successful online chat dating is based on respect, trust, and support. Thus, be respectful of other members, and they will give you the same in return.

And SofiaDate Team is always at your disposal to help you solve any issues you may face while using our online dating chat!