What is it like dating beautiful women?

Nearly every man is dreaming of dating a beautiful woman. Is it really possible and what is it like to have an astonishing girlfriend? There are thousands of extremely beautiful ladies all over the world. They are desired by men from various countries. If you’re reading this, you’re probably also eager to date a beautiful woman.

However, are you aware of all the pros and cons of a relationship with such a lady? Dating a cute girl is not easy and has tons of pitfalls. Find out what dating a cutie is actually like and how to approach her. Additionally, see what countries have the most beautiful woman on Earth.

Beautiful women are not that difficult to approach

Everyone believes that the most beautiful women are quite difficult to approach. That is partially true. However, the truth is stunning women often suffer from the lack of man’s attention. Yes, it’s difficult to believe.

The reason is many men are afraid of such ladies though. They are scared of high competition and simply avoid contacting beautiful women. As a result, we have so many beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women registered on various dating sites. 

They are often lonely and keep searching for men from all the corners of the globe. Of course, many of them are quite successful and, therefore, their requirements are a bit exaggerated. They only seem to be exaggerated though to those people who cannot meet them.

Successful people cannot have low requirements, and it’s not because they are too demanding. They have their standards and apply the same criteria for their potential partners. Thus, they are not demanding but want to see a partner by their side that is not worse than themselves.

It is absolutely normal. When you are used to certain things in life, you would not lower your standards for the sake of other people. You would look for someone who meets your expectations. That is what beautiful people look for.

How to date beautiful women

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Even though dating beautiful women seems so impossible, you shouldn’t underestimate your chances and abilities. Beauty doesn’t mean someone is not for you. Our world is full of lovely and beautiful people and sometimes, their partners do not possess the same appearance.

What’s their secret then? Lots of western guys coming to Ukraine or Russia wonder why so many beautiful Ukrainian women can be seen in the companies of quite average and not good-looking men. If they succeed, then you can do it also.

How surprised they are when failing with such women even if having a more or less normal appearance. The reasons are quite simple — regardless of their beauty, ladies are not looking for handsome men or some external qualities. They look for something deeper — for a combination of specific features.

Before rushing to date one of the beautiful Russian or other women, you should know what they are looking for and how to meet their criteria. Read the following guide carefully and make notes — the information is valuable and very helpful.

You do not have to be handsome to look good

To date a very beautiful woman you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt. Taking care of your look is a must though. Do not think that a stunning lady will choose you if you have messy hair and your clothes aren’t neat.

Visit your hairdresser often, freshen up your wardrobe, shave your beard, and look stylish and confident. If you want to have an astonishing girl by your side, you should not look worse. It doesn’t mean having a cute face. Your face is not very important to women.

They are looking for a man who can carry himself well, can impress everyone, and takes care of his image. You shouldn’t have a luxury car for that or wear designer’s clothing. All you need to do is to be tidy, neat, stylish, and be confident you deserve a beautiful woman.  

Smelling good would be also great, so make sure to get some nice fragrance. Ladies adore it when a man smells good. Things women pay attention to are your fragrance, haircut, hands, watch, and shoes. Pay special attention to them if you want to comply with your woman.

Confidence vs arrogance

Women adore confident men. If you are witty, charming, and have an excellent sense of humor, don’t ever doubt yourself. There is no need to think mature and older beautiful women do not appreciate these qualities. They do and look for these features also.

However, being confident and witty has its pitfalls. Some guys do not see any edge between being confident and arrogant. Beautiful women cannot stand arrogant men. Just keep in mind: confidence — yes, arrogance — no-no.

Your sense of humor is a wonderful trait but it is crucial to know when to apply it. Jokes are not appropriate in all situations and you have to feel this thin line. Some situations require you to be serious enough and if you make jokes all the time, this will turn a woman off.

If you laugh and make jokes when you have to be serious, they will think you are not created for family and relationships. That’s why you are going to fail. It will happen not because a woman is beautiful and demanding, but because anyone will not like to see such a person by her side.

Remember one rule — be witty when it’s necessary to be but be serious when you have to be serious. All women appreciate it regardless of their external qualities, facial features, figures, and social statuses.

Financial security

Not only beautiful women but all ladies, in general, are looking for financially stable men. It should not be confused with gold-digging. Especially, when you search for a woman from another country, she must be sure you have a job and she won’t be in trouble when coming to your country.

Financial stability and security is a priority for all females. Do not call them materialistic because of that but reasonable. These women have common sense and want to be sure of their husbands and future.

If you have no stable job, your income is vulnerable, and you cannot even take care of yourself properly, then what can you offer to a successful and beautiful woman? Do not be surprised if a really gorgeous and successful lady rejected you after learning what you do for a living.

Do not be mad at her because of that and do not blame her to be materialistic. She just wants to be protected by her man not only physically but also financially.


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When you see a gorgeous woman somewhere in the street, do not tell her something like «Wow you are so beautiful» or «I am knocked off my feet after looking at you». Complementing a lady is a must, but do you imagine how often she heard these banal phrases?

She knows that she is beautiful and she knows you are impressed. To knock men off their feet, this girl puts on makeup every single day, wears beautiful and stylish dresses and heels, and attends beauty salons. She knows her value very much.

If you have ever heard that beautiful Russian women love with their ears, forget it. Times have changed and women are not that naïve anymore.  They estimate men by their actions and not by words. Sending her flowers is a big «Yes» but blah blah blah is a huge «No».

Even if you think all beautiful women do not appreciate courting and romance anymore and are looking for luxury gifts, you are wrong. Small signs of attention, flowers, and cinema tickets are still of high esteem.

Who are the most beautiful women in the world

Our planet is full of gorgeous ladies and you cannot say that some countries have more beautiful women than others. However, there are world’s ratings, and experts from all over the world have estimated the countries by the beauty of women living there.

The list of the most «beautiful» countries is as follows:

  1. India. If you could never imagine dating and marrying an Indian lady, know that Indians are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. They have very captivating smiles and unusual oriental appearances.
  2. Philippines. These girls are tiny, cute, and make very good wives.
  3. Bulgaria. Women in this country are very hot and have pretty curvy figures admired by men in many countries.
  4. Sweden. Blonde and tall ladies with blue eyes will never leave men indifferent.
  5. Ukraine. Ukrainian beauty is well-known in the whole world.
  6. Russia. Beautiful Russian women are one of the most desired brides in the world.
  7. Slovenia. Slavic women with a European mindset are also eligible brides.
  8. Belarus. These women are popular not only among western men but also Asian.
  9. Brazil. A lot of Americans come to Brazil to date local hot and curvy girls.
  10. Colombia. They are known to be not only beautiful and sexy but also really great wives and mothers.

Beautiful women are not scary

If you are afraid of dating beautiful women, you should know that they are not some aliens with non-human needs and requirements. These girls want ordinary happiness, good and loving men, and stable lives.

If your goals coincide, follow the tips below and look for your beautiful woman. There is nothing difficult and complicated in being a real man.