The truth about casual dating

Many guys and even girls dream of casual dating. You bet…it’s a type of relationship anyone could envy — no rules, no obligations, no claims. You date who, when, and how many people you want.

Sometimes, casual dating can grow into something bigger and more serious for one partner and mean absolutely nothing to another. Like any relationship, such dating has its benefits and drawbacks. You must be ready for certain pitfalls when you see someone this way though.

Is casual dating really so serene or you should still watch out? Keep reading and find it out!

What is casual dating

Casual dating means you do not have any obligations towards your partner. You both have a right to date whoever you wish, even a couple of people at a time. None of you has claims concerning seeing someone else or being unfaithful.

At first sight, it may seem wonderful because you are free to have connections you wish, date someone only when you want, and you are free to break up anytime. No one will be offended. This affair almost never goes serious or grows into something more.

What would you feel if you start having more than just passion towards someone and these feelings are not mutual? You may want the development of your causal relationship while your partner may not. 

In other words, if you have no wish to see anyone exclusively, you can join a casual dating community. However, you should distinguish casual dating and hookups. These two notions are not the same. You still have certain emotions involved in your relationship.

Commitment is not common for such a kind of dating. Having dates for fun is possible and some individuals look for it on purpose.

How to use casual dating sites

casual dating sites

There are dating sites for those who are not looking for serious and long-lasting relationships at that stage of their lives. You can pick from both free and paid casual dating sites. Someone is looking for spontaneous affairs just like you.

However, there are some rules you should follow when joining such a site. Not all of them specify they provide services for casual dating and you might need to join just a regular dating site.

Not everyone is seeking devotion. One individual might be dreaming of having one partner throughout life, others want to try many of them before meeting the right one. You must make it clear for all the members of the site why exactly you are here. 

They must know your expectations and goals to avoid surprises and disappointment in the future. Those who are here for something more or less serious should not bother you at all. The good news is that there are plenty of dating apps and many of them are free. 

For example, Tinder offers many features for casual dating. You can specify what you are looking for: a bride, hookup, friendship, or casual dates.

Hundreds of other people are searching for the same things and you will easily find someone to have a couple of dates with. From the very beginning, it’s clear that no one wants any obligations. 

Finding someone through such sites and apps is not difficult but you should stick to some rules.

Casual dating tips

Dating casually seems very hassle-free. It’s no wonder — you do not care about anyone but you. You care about whether you feel comfortable or not, if you are not convenient in that relationship, it’s possible to end it anytime you wish.

This is the biggest advantage — you don’t have to think if your partner is disappointed, sad, or offended. No one will be offended in that case since you both have a sort of an agreement.

However, dating someone without real duties is not as serene as it may seem. It has its rules and you should stick to them as well as your partner. Find out about it below and see whether casual dating is for you or not.

Always remain honest

If you are seeing someone on a casual basis, it is crucial to be honest with you as well as with your partner. All of your dates must be aware of your intentions. Before starting such a relationship, make sure your partner also wants it.

If her goal is real commitment or marriage, then you are surely not her option. Let her know that you are not going to be serious and do not want any long-lasting relationships. It will make everything easier for your both from the very beginning.

It won’t be honest to look for casual dating if you know someone you are seeing wants something more. If you do not want to suffer afterward, be honest at once.

Casual dating doesn’t mean a hookup

Many people think that casual dating means spontaneous sex and nothing more which is not true. Casual dating is still a sort of relationship even if you believe it’s not. People who are dating casually never say they chill or hang out, they call it dating.

When you are in a casual relationship, you communicate regularly, get in touch, text each other. You even make plans and let each other know if you need to cancel. You spend a lot of time together that doesn’t involve intimacy at all.

Having sexual relationships is, of course, necessary, but you spend a lot of quality time without them as well. Casual relationships do not always involve sex though and it is up to you and your partner whether to have it or not.

You are not exclusive to each other but you are dating and feeling certain emotions towards each other. Only you both should decide to what extent.

It doesn’t mean polygamy

Casual dating doesn’t necessarily mean you see several people at a time. Your relationship can be pretty monogamous if you both decide it is going more serious. Casual dating is quite paradoxical. You may develop a serious relationship even being polygamous.

Dating multiple people during casual relationships doesn’t mean being polygamous because you are searching for your perfect match and try dating different people meanwhile. You are not obliged to be committed to one person only.

It helps figuring out your desires


casual dating

Casual dating is a unique way to find out what you exactly need in relationships. This is a sort of preparation for real relationships. Let’s imagine, you do not know how you feel with someone who isn’t a morning person like you. Now you can check whether you can accept it.

Certain things might be deal breakers for you when it comes to becoming really close with someone. Here is your great chance to make sure someone who doesn’t like cooking will still be a good match for you. If you hate cleaning but your date wants everything to be too perfect, now you can check if this is ok for you or not.

Do not rush into a true commitment if you are not ready for it. Check the ground first and casual dating is an exceptional way for doing it and see your preferences and understand your needs in relationships.

It is not for everyone

One of the most essential things to understand is that even safe casual dating is not for everyone. It may not be for you in some cases and it is very important to understand it on time. If you are a person who falls in love easily, then it will be quite difficult for you not to develop feelings for someone when dating casually.

If you are looking for a person who wants some serious future, then forget about casual dating while people at that stage are not going to consider you as someone for a common future. Casual dating is not for those people who prefer a strong emotional attachment.

Before considering casual dating at all, weigh all the pros and cons and understand that you really want it. If you have at least one of the above-mentioned qualities, then such a type of dating is not appropriate for you.

Pick the type of dating that suits you

Now you know all the perks and downsides of casual dating. Even though it may seem so attractive for you and evoke a desire to jump into it at once, you should first think well about it. Not every person in the world can handle this kind of dating. The reasons for that are very simple — people are different and they have different goals, expectations, and desires.

If you can at least assume that you want a long-term relationship in the nearest future, then forget about seeking a casual dating site for this person. However, if you have no or not much experience in dating and want to try it, then such a light affair as casual dating would be the best for it.

Always remember what you desire to get from another person and do not forget to be honest. Looking for casual dating with someone who wants more is a sort of betrayal, so do not forget to make it clear for everyone involved in the process.