The rules of catholic dating

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Some people are not religious and can date people of different faiths while you might be looking for a Catholic girl. It is not a secret that the Internet is teeming with tons of catholic dating websites and it won’t be a problem to choose the one for you.

However, not all of them can really help you find the love of your life and the person who would share your happiness and sorrows with you no matter what. It would be quite good to know how to pick the right dating website and whether catholic dating has its specific rules at all.

How does catholic dating differ?

Dating as a catholic isn’t different from anything else. Of course, each religion has its beliefs, traditions, and views on dating, relationships, and marriage but in general, we are all guided by the rules of modern society.

When it comes to younger people, there are not so many traditionally religious girls and boys who would strictly follow all the traditions of their faith. The modern rhythm of life doesn’t allow us to attend church as often as we would love to.

However, some people are quite strict about finding a partner of the same faith and they start thinking how and where they can do it since all the sacred seem to be lost nowadays. Dating a catholic is a pretty traditional process and doesn’t include any peculiarities or restrictions.

There are just some things both people in a couple should look for and follow in the process of their search and dating. Let’s start with the choice of Catholic dating websites.

Picking free catholic dating sites

Online dating is a great way to start the process of searching for your catholic match. If you browse the Internet, you will be surprised by how many of them you can find. There are both free and paid dating sites. Free sites and apps are very helpful for testing the waters.

You can see who those people are using the site or app, what are their interests and goals, and whether you have any chances with some of them at all. Do not neglect social media also. It is a free and efficient way to find people with common beliefs and interests.

Social media have one great benefit — you can join various catholic groups and there are even dating communities for Catholics. However, you should be very careful because there are too many fake profiles and you never know who you are talking to.

Most often, dishonest users are hiding on free dating sites and apps. Do not disclose your personal information to unknown people and try to see this person on a video at least a couple of times before arranging a real meeting. This way, you can be sure the lady you are talking to is not fake.

Catholic dating tips to follow

Modern Catholics are casual people living all over the globe. They date, get married, build careers, and are not different from all others. The only thing that distinguishes them from others is their faith. Regardless of faith and beliefs, we all want to find reliable partners and create strong families.

There are some peculiarities of Catholic dating though. Below, you will find a couple of helpful tips that will help you and facilitate the process of looking for your true life partner. Use them and do not hesitate to make them yours.

Do not be desperate about your search

Looking for someone to settle down with is wonderful and you are surely eager about it. This shouldn’t make you desperate though. Everything happens at the right time and you are not in a hurry. You can join a catholic dating service for free, check how things are going, and see whether it works for you at all.

There is no need to rush things, nothing will happen sooner than necessary. You will meet your person when it is time for that, not sooner and not later. Try not to jump on the first lady who replied to your inquiry. There are thousands of Catholics searching for their better halves just like you but not all of them match each other.

Take your time and believe in the best things. You should have enough time to get to know everyone well and online dating cannot speed the process up. Everything happens when it is the right time for it and if you cannot meet your person for a long time, there is a reason for that.

Just be patient and wait for your partner. By no means, be obsessed with your search. Obsession is not what you need when it comes to such a serious step. Have common sense.

Be honest

In Catholic dating, it is important to be honest with yourself as well as with your partner. On various dating sites, including Catholic ones, people tend to lie in their profiles and pretend to be someone they are not. They lie about their age, hobbies, expectations, etc.

You shouldn’t do that if you are looking for a true partner. You need to be sincere. Even if you do not like the person that much and do not believe she is a good match for you, tell her honestly. Empty talks from time to time are good for casual dating but not for someone seeking serious relationships.

Do not start communication from requirements

When people search for a Catholic partner, their search turns into an interview of the candidates. Avoid interrogations or providing your requirements from the very beginning. A list of questions in the very first letter is not too good. The list of your requirements concerning your future partner isn’t good either.

When you meet people in real life and start talking, you do not ask them tons of questions, do you? There is no need to do it on your Catholic dating website either. You might be eager to meet a person with the same beliefs and faith but just determine it in your profile and ask people with the opposite beliefs not to bother you.

Communication must be light and easy. Move steadily, get to know people step-by-step, and do not think you can do it in one day. Once you start with the requirements, people have no wish to keep getting to know you.

Do not expect everyone to be as religious as you

Each Catholic has his or her level of religiousness. Someone is highly religious and attends church weekly, others are not so strict about it and pray at home without religious formalities. When dating on a website for Catholics, do not expect everyone to be highly religious and follow all the rules strictly.

If your goal is someone who would attend church with you constantly, search for such a person at once and make it clear. Do it in the very beginning to avoid being disappointed in the future. People are different, they have their goals and expectations and no one can guess yours. Just explain it at the beginning of your path.

Be realistic about your expectations

Let’s not forget what you are looking for on social media, in a café, or on a dating site for Catholics. If you are going to date an ordinary girl without strong beliefs and strict adherence to the rules, it’s one thing. You can find thousands of such girls on dating sites and in different countries of the world.

Even in Western Ukraine, there are tons of Catholic girls ready to date and marry western guys but they are not too religious. Another thing is when you are looking for a compassionate and God-fearing lady to be your wife and plan your kids to attend a Catholic school.

In that case, you have to be realistic and do not choose a lady posing in her swimsuit or mini-skirts. These girls are undoubtedly very beautiful and seducing but they hardly meet your criteria and can share such a future with you. Before choosing someone, think well about whether that person meets your demands of a partner.

Dating is not marriage

Searching for a partner is great but tough at times. Remember that dating is just the process of getting to know each other, enjoying one another’s company. Once you start to date someone, do not think this person belongs to you and must marry you.

Dating is dating, friendship is friendship, and marriage is marriage. Make one step at a time. Believing that the first person you meet on your catholic dating site is your life partner is wrong. It happens but rather as an exception than a rule.

You will be meeting multiple people, have one date, then another one, and more dates with one or different people. All that is a normal life circle. People meet, break up, and keep searching. Do not push anyone if you are obsessed with marriage. Everyone needs time to get to know you and understand whether you are good or not and it doesn’t depend on your faith.