Get acquainted with pretty ladies in a chat

Chatting with girls online may be intimidating, especially if this is your first experience of online dating. Yet, once you’ve started a conversation, it’s not that difficult to create a meaningful union. You only need to know some basic points to become successful in online communication with girls.

What do I start with?

First of all, you have to choose a reliable platform for online chat with girls. For your convenience, SofiaDate offers you an efficient chat where you can meet and interact with hundreds of amazing East European ladies.

To find your most appealing potential interlocutors, everything you have to do is to apply the filters according to your preferences, and our system will show your best matches in a couple of seconds. You are welcome to mention such parameters of an ideal interlocutor as age, weight, appearance, hobbies, education, occupation, religion, as well as the purpose of their staying on the platform.

To facilitate the chatting process, we’ve designed a range of filters, such as «Dialogues,» «Unread,» «Favorites,» and «Your Likes.»

To be more precise

If you apply the «Dialogues» filter, you will get access to all your personal chats with a definite member.

The «Unread filter» lets you view and read fresh messages.

Applying the «Favorites» filter, you can view the profiles of women you find the most appealing. Mark an interlocutor as «favorite» so that you will always stay in touch with them.    

Finally, «Your Likes» filter enables you to save profiles of ladies you like the most. Just «like» a lady’s profile, and it will always be accessible in this section.  

Some more useful perks

chat with girls online

  • Users of our chat receive notifications about others’
  • interaction with your profile. It presupposes that you will see who has liked and viewed your profile, which spares your time while deciding who you should write to.
  • Apart from messages, you can send your interlocutors photos as well as audio and video files. This lets you diversify the process of getting acquainted and learn more about each other’s hobbies, interests, preferences, etc.
  • On a one-time basis, you can like a participant’s profile sending a wink for free.
  • For every member you like communicating with, there are available such options as to make a gift, request their contact details, and even set up a meeting.
  • Add a member’s profile to the Blocklist if you don’t want to continue interacting with them any longer.
  • Use the «To complain» service in case you notice some improper actions taking place on our platform.

Make sure your online profile is OK

After you’ve decided what platform you would like to chat on, you have to create a nice online profile. Why is it so important? Well, because it’s the main thing potential match notices about you, and exactly the way you present yourself defines whether you will stand out from the tons of other profiles.

Issues to pay attention to:

  • your grammar, spelling, and the tone of your text should be almost impeccable since girls are highly sensitive about literacy;
  • avoid using «cool» slang expressions just to seem younger or more trendy;
  • your profile photo should be recent and accurate;
  • uploading photos to your profile choose the ones reflecting your hobbies, interests, and everyday life; this will help you to prove your uniqueness;
  • «no» to disrespectful pictures or words;
  • remember that you should be honest: don’t lie about your age, profession, marital status, intentions, etc.

How do I attract girls’ interest in a chat?

Once you’ve found your potential matches using SofiaDate clear and user-friendly search and matching tools, you are just one step from starting changing your life for better!


Usually, we open a conversation saying «Hello,» «Hi,» or «Hey,» right? Yet, these greetings are too commonplace, and you would hardly stand out from hundreds of other guys addressing a lady this way. Thus, think of something unique or at least unusual that will make a girl interested in you.   

«Yes» to open-ended questions

To keep a nice conversation flowing, use open-ended questions rather than ones presupposing yes/no answers. This is how you show a girl that you are genuinely interested in her personality. Besides, find things in common applying our «Hobbies» filter that lets you communicate with members sharing mutual interests.

No tons of messages

Don’t overload your lady with messages; sending one message as a response is enough. Otherwise, you risk seeming a light-minded chatter-box. By the way, limited responses always intrigue more so that a woman’s interest in you will remain sharp.  

In this respect, keep in mind that you have to be patient while waiting for her answer. Remember that a lady also has her life, so you’d better not wait for an instant reply. Don’t act like a jealous fool and give her enough private space.

Avoid overusing emojis

It’s advisable to wait until your lady uses emoticons first. Then you may also start using them, but do it sparingly!  One emoji per message is more than enough, and make sure that not every message is imbued with them.

Flirt in cyber reality

chat with girls

Many people believe that flirting is an option in reality only. However, digital flirting is also possible and even more fascinating than during face-to-face communication. How do you flirt online? Compliment a lady, show your sense of humor, and try to respond as quickly as possible. By the way, here are the signs she is flirting with you online.

Signs that she is being flirty

  • she doesn’t wait for you to text her first and does it herself;
  • she is answering you quickly or warning when she is supposed to be busy;
  • she is calling you funny names to encourage you to move forward or make the first step;
  • she is complimenting you (either in a hidden or obvious form);
  • you may find her following you in social networks, commenting and sharing your posts; this is how she wants to learn more about your interests and life in general;
  • a lady is joking with you; if you can make her laugh in return, she is likely to fall for you.

What topics do I choose for a conversation?


 The golden rule is to avoid personal issues. It goes without saying that if you like a woman you want to know as much as possible about her, but it doesn’t mean that you should describe your cough in detail during your initial conversations.

Light inoffensive matters should be your choice. Her hobbies and interests, favorite books, films, or bands, and so many other things to talk about; besides, you can find them out in her profile. Bet she will be pleased to notice that you’ve carefully read her basic information and remember it!

  • Be flexible. If you see that a girl is ok with sharing some slightly personal information, don’t try to change the topic. Otherwise, she may think you don’t care about her as a personality.
  • Light topics don’t have to be boring. Try to follow the pace of the conversation. Should you notice that a lady really trusts you and is ready to open up to you, behave less reserved as well.
  • Even if it seems to you that you have nothing in common with your dream lady, don’t get frustrated. The main point is to be confident and know what you are fighting for. Just keep a conversation fun and, finally, you will learn what makes you both click.

Show her you are interested in her opinions and thoughts

As you know, women are emotional creatures who like being actively listened to. What «active listening»  is? It implies that you are not only nodding and saying «yes» and «no» when needed but also hearing what a lady is telling you. To check this, she may ask you questions so that you’d better be really attentive while chatting with her.

  • avoid such topics as politics and religion to be on the safe side and spare yourself unexpected reactions or arguments at the initial stage of your communication;
  • chatting with a girl, make use of the «mirroring» technique, which implies that you occasionally repeat her phrases slightly changing them; this way, you can prove that you hang on to everything she says.  

Don’t pursue her relentlessly

Yes, girls do like confident guys, but they can easily spot if you are desperately trying to pick them up. The more you show off, the more it will turn off a girl. If you care too much about making a favorable impression on her, relax and just be yourself. Act naturally, and she will finally appreciate your sincerity.     

For this sake, avoid messages with a sexual context. Of course, you may flirt, but you should always be respectful of people you are communicating with. No woman will be fascinated to find out that a man considers her merely as a means of satisfying his animal instincts.  

To sum up, online chat with girls is a great way of quickly getting acquainted with a woman of your dream. On SofiaDate, you can chat with real girls from Eastern Europe for hours since they are the most attentive, caring, and smartest interlocutors you’ve ever met! Don’t miss such a chance. Start chatting with them online right now!