Is childfree dating right for you?

Wanting children and becoming parents is absolutely normal for people. However, not everyone is willing to have kids nowadays. More and more people join the childfree community. They believe dating childfree gives them more freedom and more opportunities.

If you open any site for dates, you will notice that some people have children, others don’t but want to have a child while some want to be free of children forever. It doesn’t depend on their age. It is rather their life philosophy. Some employers even conduct childfree staff checks so that their workers would have more time for work than for their family. 

The phenomenon of childfree dating

The notion of childfree dating is quite new. Being childfree is welcomed by some people and judged by others. Childfree singles prefer dating without having a kiddie and at the same time, the idea of having a family doesn’t scare them at all. Women do not mind having a husband but just do not want to have a kid. 

You can find profiles of childfree activists on many dating platforms. All of them say these individuals are not willing to have a babe but want to have a relationship and marriage. They want to enjoy their lives and career instead. 

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Who is childfree dating suitable for?

Being child free is suitable for anyone who does not want kids. Childfree singles reject having even one child. If your age doesn’t allow you to be fertile anymore, you should be honest with yourself. In this case, being childfree is absolutely normal. If you decided to be free of all parental duties, no worries, you will definitely find like minded people on any dating

site. Childfree dating is also great for those who want to devote their lives to a successful career. 

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Childfree dating – Pros&Cons

Being childfree singles has its benefits and drawbacks. If you decided to be childfree, check what you should expect.


  • More time for dating 

  • No sleepless nights

  • Less stress

  • More freedom in all spheres of life

  • More successful careers

  • No obstacles while traveling and having rest 


  • No true married life

  • Some people might have anxiety on that matter

If you meet someone not wanting children, you both should be honest with each other and explain it at once. 

The best childfree dating sites – any specific features?

When browsing the Internet, you can find some child free platforms, as well as just simple dating websites where there are many users not willing to be parents. There are no specific features on such a site. More or less, they all allow you to search for dates by applying certain criteria.

Thus, you can select childfree candidates, those who have one child or want to have children. Such an option is very convenient and gives you a good idea of how many of the singles have no kids. However, if you want to meet childless candidates only, you should write it in your profile or find it out in the process of communication. Not many people mention in their profiles that they want to have a kid-free life. 

Joining the friendly childfree community on SofiaDate

Childfree dating is widespread all over the globe and Sofiadate isn’t an exception. Our website gives freedom to all users no matter whether they want kids or want to lead a childfree life. Therefore, if you hope to be kiddie-free, start browsing childfree singles on Sofiadate.

Our childfree staff checks each lady on the platform, including whether she has kids or is totally childfree. We also verify their identities, documents, and marital statuses. So hurry to find your childfree babe right now!

How to start browsing childfree singles?

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On Sofiadate, looking for child free partners is easier than ever. You just become one of the users in less than a minute and start browsing profiles of our childfree singles. Registering doesn’t cost you anything, as well as seeing profile pictures of our ladies. You can enter the gallery and open the profile of each person you like despite her having children or not.

Once a day, you can also view one video show for free. Use a matchmaking program on our dating site to save your time. The system will select the most suitable matches after you insert the necessary criteria, including the presence of a child. If having a cute kid isn’t a part of your life plans, join a society of like minded people on our platform. 

Initiating contact & Messaging the members

Now, as you are a part of our childfree community, start contacting all childfree singles who do not want to have kids in the future. All our childfree users are honest about it. Their information is verified by our team.

If you decided to try dating childfree, just start a conversation. Send a wink, start a chat, or compose a letter. You can also add your belle to favorites so that the woman will see that you like her and she can message you first! So, even if you are childless, you will easily find love on Sofiadate. 

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The benefits of childfree dating on Sofiadate

Childfree dating is taken to a new level on Sofiadate. Here are the benefits of dating on our platform and how it is different from the rest of the services:

  • Real profile pictures of all childfree members and ladies with children

  • Free registration and plenty of bonuses and goodies

  • All profiles of users are manually verified

  • Every person on the site is looking for dating and serious relationships

Joining the Sofiadate society is quick, easy, and really efficient.

FAQ for Childfree Dating

If you are child free and want to have no kids, you are free to start browsing childfree singles on Sofiadate or other dating platforms. We do not require you to install any app or pay for a membership. All childfree singles can become our users and start having real dates. Yes, we have plenty of ladies who are not willing to become parents and have a child. If you want to have a kid though, we can suggest many ladies for you as well.
Childfree dating isn’t much different from the rest of the dating types. Childfree singles can meet in any society, they can easily find love in the gym, club, gallery, or on a childfree website. For instance, on Sofiadate, every person can find users who match their criteria. Whether you want to be married and have children or do not want to have a kiddie at all, you can start a conversation with the most suitable matches here.
A child free site doesn’t have to be specifically childfree to make you successful. It just should have free registration, a good Privacy Policy, transparent Terms and Conditions, and women who are manually verified. Plenty of childless singles on Sofiadate are ready to marry and even accept your kid. Hurry to find your babe the soonest.