Must-know Christian marriage advice

A Christian marriage is something many people look and strive for. A lot of singles are Christian and want to date and marry matches of the same faith. It’s no wonder and when religion is important for you, you also want to marry someone having the same beliefs and views on life.

Christian marriage is special and has its traditions and rules. If you plan to marry a Christian lady, you should know about all the peculiarities of such a marriage, get Christian marriage advice, and figure out where to find Christian dating for marriage.

What is Christian marriage like?

Christian marriage is not very different from others. Everything depends on whether you are a religious person or not. You may know that Christians are divided into Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants. Your Christian marriage will depend on which of these Christian directions you belong to.

We will not cover each of the traditions separately. The information below concerns Christian marriage in general and may be applied to all confessions, including Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Christians.

Church wedding


A wedding in one of the Christian churches is a must for religious couples. However, even not very religious couples prefer getting married in church nowadays. It is the latest trend and a lot of men and women try to follow it. There is nothing surprising about it while it is very beautiful and impressive.

You cannot have a Christian wedding in Church without official registration though. First, people get married officially, and only after that, they can get married in church. The day of your church wedding doesn’t even matter.

You can have both weddings on the same day or marry in church many years after your official marriage. For young people who want to have a beautiful ceremony, it is rather a trend to have both weddings on the same day.

However, those who want to test their feelings might wait for one, two, and even ten years after their official wedding. They consider their marriage in the church to be a very important step and prepare for it for years.

A very beautiful and sacred ceremony

christian marriage

A wedding in a church is not just an event after which people celebrate and have fun. It is a very beautiful ceremony that requires a lot of preparation. For that reason, it is not recommended to have both weddings on one day. At a traditional wedding, people have fun, drink, and dance. All this is unacceptable after a church ceremony.

The reason is that a couple must prepare well before the ceremony, otherwise, they will not be allowed for it. At least a week before it, both men and women must fast. They don’t eat meat, drink milk, have no intimacy, and attend divine services. The couple also must refrain from intimacy. Before the day of the wedding and in the early morning, both a bride and a groom attend a service and have their confessions.

The ceremony itself is long and very interesting. The priest reads prayers and both man and woman hold their candles and do what he says. It may last a couple of hours. In the very end, a couple exchanges the rings. It is not necessary to wear traditional wedding clothing but just a modest dress and covered head for a woman are enough.

Christian marriage advice

Christian marriage is not very different from others. It must be based on trust, loyalty, pure love, and mutual respect. No matter what your couple faces, you should never lose patience. If someone has not enough of it, you will hardly be able to overcome difficulties.

In Christian marriages, a man is a leader in the family and his wife is his loyal support. A woman keeps the coziness in the home while a man is always a bread-winner. Christian husbands must always bear responsibility not only for themselves but for their wives and the whole family.

Needless to say, Christian wives and husbands are loyal to each other. It is one of the most important things to always keep. Loyalty and patience will help you both overcome all challenges your family may face.

Christian marriages suppose both men and women to take care of their parents also. However, these basics are important for any marriage in any country. These rules can be easily applied to marriages of people of all religions and are the basics of any healthy relationship.

How to find a Christian dating site

There are plenty of dating sites nowadays and the Christian ones are not exceptions. If you browse the internet, you will see that there are multiple services for dating and marriage. In fact, you can sign up with any dating site and find a good Christian woman.

All dating services have many options and your profile contains information about your age, height, weight, and religion as well. When browsing profiles of ladies, you can use the advanced search and select only the necessary religion.

By the way, if you wish to date and marry foreign women, you can use an international dating site for that purpose. Most Slavic women on such sites are Christian and looking for foreign grooms with the same values. Below, you will see how to use such dating sites.

Don’t mention religion too much

christian marriage advice

When using a Christian dating site for marriage, you shouldn’t write and tell everyone about religion and what values you would like your wife to possess. No matter whether you use a specific site or an international one, all people there have the same values. It is understandable that everyone is looking for the same things in marriage.

Try to discuss other more important topics, such as each other’s interests, obligations, hobbies, jobs, etc. Religion shouldn’t be the only thing you are talking about. Moreover, if you join an international dating site and will try to find a foreign Christian bride, you will scare them all with such conversations.

For example, Slavic women are not very religious and do not attend church every Sunday, unlike many Catholic men. If you start talking about it all the time, any of them will be scared off. Women from Slavic countries do not like discussing religion a lot. They feel very comfortable with their values and all of them understand what a Christian marriage is.

Discussing it all the time makes no sense. You shouldn’t also mention this in your profile, it’s enough to just select the right religion on the list. Understand that people match not only based on their faith but also when having similar interests, hobbies, and goals. Try to see beyond religion.

Regardless of your religion, women pay attention to your picture

Even though all women on such Christian dating websites are looking for good husbands, they want to see handsome men by their sides. You should not neglect to post the best photos of yourself. We bet you pay attention to pictures of the ladies a lot. They do the same.

Make sure to be honest and post a recent photo of yourself regardless of your age. Even if you want to look younger than you are, don’t forget about the best Christian advice on marriage, and don’t start your relationship with lies.

Since your goal is Christian dating for marriage, your photos should be modest enough. Avoid posting pictures in nightclubs or a company of multiple women, otherwise, none of the good and serious women will want to get to know you. If you say that you are looking for Christian marriage, you should prove it not only with your words but also photos and profile description.

Christian arranged marriages

A Christian arranged marriage sounds like a fairy tale; however, such marriages are still possible. Of course, arranged marriages mostly happen in Muslim countries and India, but the strictest Christian families also support this tradition although not in the full understanding of it.

A lot of the most traditional and religious families participate in the marriages of their children and prefer to approve their brides and grooms. They can even recommend some candidates for their children, for example, the ones from their church.

You shouldn’t be scared by this. Children raised in very traditional Christian families used to follow the will of their parents and when they recommend some good candidates as brides or grooms, they appreciate it and listen to their opinions. Such marriages are often very strong and happy. You can consider it some Christian marriage help.

No worries, you are free to choose your bride yourself and no one will make you marry someone you do not want to. However, if your family is very religious, you should pay attention to what your parents say and take it into account. After all, your parents will never advise you anything bad, they surely want the best for their children.