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When we lose a close person, we become extremely vulnerable, especially if one of the spouses dies. After having spent so much time with a beloved person or just losing them recently after a marriage, we simply cannot believe that our soulmate isn’t with us anymore. The memories are relentlessly haunting us, and sometimes it seems we will get mad. Yet, life is going on so that we need to move forward. Let’s see how it can be done as well as what nuances dating a widower implies. And SofiaDate will help you to find a decent match eager to share the burden of your past with you.

Dating a widower man: a blessing or a curse?

Although it may seem that dating a widower over 50 may bring only pain and unnecessary troubles, there are also strong points of such a type of relationship. In the first place, widowers usually have much experience and they know how to solve relationship problems, they are much more patient and wiser. Secondly, recent widowers are most likely looking for a long-term relationship again as they’ve got addicted to a meaningful union with a beloved woman. Last but not least, dating a widower implies that your relationship will be based on trust, sincerity, and devotion because these aspects are the most valued by men who have experienced the pain of a loss.


Negative aspects

Since losing a partner is such a shock to everyone of us, women dating a widower should be aware of the following points:

  • it’s not that easy for a recent widower to open up again and start trusting another woman, so patience and time are needed in such a relationship.
  • there may be constant comparisons with a deceased spouse;
  • a widower may take much time to remove all the material objects reminding him of an ex-wife;
  • a grieving widower may be aggressive and have mood swings.

As you can see, dating a widower has both advantages and drawbacks. Yet, it’s possible to diminish a negative impact of the latter if a woman knows what mistakes to avoid while building a strong bonding with a widower.

Dating a widower: red flags

Red flag #1 Trying to replace his deceased wife

Even if you like a man very much, you shouldn’t intentionally underline any similarities between you and his ex-partner. This way, he will not be able to cope with his loss, and you won’t create a healthy harmonious union. Also, don’t let a widower consider you merely as his ex-wife’s reflection. Make sure he is with you because he likes you as a personality, not because you resemble his deceased partner.

Red flag #2 Hurry him to make a decision

It’s very important to consider your match’s feelings; if your man has not coped with a loss yet, don’t hurry him to confess his feelings and make serious decisions like cohabiting or marrying. Respect his feelings. Yes, it may be a real ordeal, but if this man is really dear to you, don’t push him; otherwise, everything may end even without a beginning.

Red flag #3 React painfully to the memories of his deceased spouse

She will remain an important part of his past forever, and he has a right to mourn for her as long as he needs. Don’t act hostile when he recollects his partner, let your man pour his soul, try to be sympathetic. If he wants to look through old photos or go to the cemetery, stay close to be his silent support. Believe it or not, men value such things very much.

Red flag #4 Make him talk about his grief

You can show that you are ready to listen to him, but let him be the one to decide when to open up. Not all of us can and like talking about themselves and their feelings, and forcing a man to do that can easily spoil your relationship so that your man will never let you in his inner world no matter what relationship you are in. It’s not what you want, right?

Red flag #5 Decide what is better for him

No one will like that. If a widower is very vulnerable at the moment, it doesn’t mean that he is incapable of making serious decisions. He still remains a man, and nothing male is alien to him. He may be ashamed of his desires at first, but it’s necessary to let him make some mistakes. Do not decide what’s better for him, especially if it concerns his past.

Red flag #6 De-evaluate yourself

Doubting your self-worth and power will hardly make a widower more confident about his choosing you. Don’t think that you are worse than his ex-wife or that you will always take second place. Let him define your place in his heart himself and make him understand you aren’t trying to substitute for her. You are a self-sufficient personality ready to share your and his feelings when he will really need it.

Dating a single dad widower 

Should your beloved man have a child or several kids, the things get a little bit more complicated. However, the most useful piece of advice is the same – be patient. Do not insist on meeting your beloved man’s kids unless he suggests it himself. The point is that children may not be ready if willing at all to accept a new mother. For this reason, don’t try too hard to become a good mother for them once a widower introduces you to each other. Things must flow naturally; otherwise, a man may think that you want to marry him as soon as possible, and the children may get afraid of the fact that you want to substitute for their mother.

When should a widower start dating again?

It is such a delicate question, and the answer to it is delicate as well — when a widower feels he has overcome his grief and can perceive other women as unique individuals, not as reflection of his deceased wife. We don’t mean that a widower should forget his ex-partner (since it’s practically impossible), but what can be done for sure is hiding all the common photos and objects reminding of the past. Also, it’s preferable to avoid going with a new match to the places a widowed man has been to with his lifetime partner. Try something new, and this technique will definitely work.

Get acquainted with gorgeous women on SofiaDate

Of course, starting life from scratch isn’t that easy, but if you take small steps, the whole process will be less painful. That’s why we recommend that you choose a widower dating website and try your luck. SofiaDate introduces you to a variety of Slavic women, both young and mature ones. Perhaps you know that ladies of this nationality are very caring, tender, and emphatic, which means that they will always listen to you, support, and sympathize with you. If you are a grieving widower, there is no better match for you than a Slavic beauty.

Dating for a widower: tips to consider

Without a doubt, it may be hard for you to pick up from such an impressive number of potential matches on SofiaDate, which is why we suggest that you use corresponding detailed filters. Mention all the details of your new dream partner’s appearance as well her education, occupation, hobbies, and interests, and press the search button. Yet, avoid creating an image resembling your deceased wife — let new people and impressions into your life that will help you to cope with grief.

Also, keep in mind that Slavic females are very versatile and patient interlocutors. It means that with such a woman by your side, you will have enough time and private space to cope with your inner problems. Trustworthy and reliable, mature and wise, women registered on SofiaDate understand pretty well that it’s harder for men to open up so that they won’t torment you with permanent interrogations and unnecessary dramas.

Always stay in touch

As all the ladies love attention, it’s preferable to constantly keep in touch with your potential online crush. It’s possible thanks to the site’s mobile version, which lets you date whenever and wherever you are. You can be dating from your workplace, while having a cup of coffee, or playing with your kids if you are a single dad widower. Should you have any questions, you are welcome to ask the Support Team for help. They are ready to solve your issues 24/7.

To cut a long story short, dating a widower is a rewarding, though a bit challenging experience. On dedicated dating services like SofiaDate, widowed men can effortlessly get acquainted and communicate with charming Slavic women that only get better with age. Thus, if you are looking for a decent life-long partner who will help you to accept and overcome the pain of a loss, register with us for free right now to let your new love story begin!