The truth about dating a native American girl

American girls are beautiful, attractive, and much desired by men from different countries. Although men from America consider not all American girls to be good for dating, males from other parts of the world pursue relationships with them.

Dating American girls can be tough and easy at the same time. Tough because guys believe they are high-maintenance and easy because they are very direct and tell you about their feelings without any fears or embarrassment.

American girls scare some men and attract others. They are an interesting topic for discussion and men will never stop discussing them. Let’s try to understand what dating an American girl is and whether you need it or it’s better to search for a girl from other countries.

What it’s like dating a Native American girl

Native American girls are very proud and they surely know what they want. It’s no wonder guys don’t know how to approach them. Approaching them isn’t easy but still possible. They still go on dates and meet guys, so why do you think you cannot be one of those lucky ones?

The truth is not each man can handle their requirements and meet their expectations. American girls date only the best men, and if you are not confident and doubt your own chances and skills, you will definitely not be able to please such a woman.

Here are the things you must know about American girls and be prepared for when dating them. Check their features and conclude whether you can date such a girl or it is better to avoid her.


There are many rumors about Native American women and one of them is that they are high-maintenance. This is one of the stereotypes about girls from America, just like all Slavic women are gold-diggers. None of these stereotypes are fully true.

The truth is men stopped contributing to relationships at all. It looks like they all are looking for a beautiful and sexy girl who would earn a lot of money herself, be financially independent, and didn’t ask for anything. Guys, we wouldn’t like to disappoint you but this is something unbelievable.

If you travel to any other country, you will be surprised by the fact that women are high-maintenance everywhere. Slavic, American, or South African women require your attention and want your investment. There are no altruistic girls in the world who would only please you and ask nothing in return.

Yes, dating an American girl is not easy if you are looking for someone who has no own opinion and doesn’t need anything at all. Such women are rather fairytale creatures. Thus, if you think American girls are demanding, just take a trip to other corners of the world and compare. You will see that women all over the world are demanding nowadays. We live in the era when girls and guys are equal. Both work, both earn, and have the same obligations, so why would girls not demand anything?


dating american girl

American girls are unbelievably direct. This feature is one of the most attractive for foreign guys. For example, if you ever meet a Slavic woman, you will realize that she is a mystery. You never know what’s in her head. You always must guess everything and understand whether she is pleased or not. Just try not to guess and she will just turn and leave.

Dating American girls is much easier in that aspect. They are very frank and direct about their feelings and desires. If she likes you, you will know about it immediately. Yes, an American girl will tell you that she likes you or wants you. They have no problem grabbing and kissing you if they want it.

What guy would refuse it? Of course, some men are not used to that and this scares them a bit. However, they get used to it very quickly. British men adore this feature of native American girls and prefer dating them, mentioning that women in Britain are much colder and more conservative.


Dating an American girl means being free. Foreign guys adore this because this freedom is expressed in everything. They show it through everything they say and do. If she wants you, she will say it. If she wants you to kiss her, she will ask you to. This sounds like a dream of many men.

Keep in mind that American girls do not care about the opinion of others. They want to be free of all prejudice and don’t even want to hear what others think about them. A girl can easily go to the shop in her pajamas and will not see any problem in it. Even if you are surprised, she won’t care much.

No losers

The main distinguishing feature of an American girl is that she will never date a loser. It means that she wants to see only successful guys who have a more or less good job, stable income, are self-sufficient, confident, and independent.

If you don’t have all this, you will hardly date an American girl. Get some education, job, and earn some money first. Once again, you can call them demanding or gold-diggers, but they want to be sure of their partners.

She earns well, so why would she date someone who earns less and cannot even meet her most basic needs? You need to have high ambitions to date an American girl, otherwise, she will find someone better.

Where to find an American girl for dating

It’s not a secret that there are thousands of single girls in America and wherever you go, you can meet them. These ladies are open to new acquaintances and are also eager to date guys, especially if they are Irish or British. However, American girls will never date someone of other ethnicities, no matter how long these men live in their countries and how much they earn.

So, guys, if you are an immigrant of Indian or Hispanic roots, unfortunately, a Native American girl will hardly be willing to date you. Irish, European, and British guys are more than welcome. Lots of American women also date Russian men with pleasure. There are many international couples between them and Russian men.

Anyways, if you attend bars or nightclubs, you will meet a large number of single Native American girls there eager to have a couple of drinks with you and go out. As you already know, these ladies are very open and direct and if they want to go out, they will just come up and tell you that.

If hookups and casual dates are not your goals, you might need to search in other places where women are not that down-to-earth already. For example, you can purchase a subscription in the gym or swimming pool and meet as many American girls as you wish. They will be fit and healthy. Such girls always look well and take care of themselves.

Dating apps

american girl for dating

You can meet a lot of American girls for dating through dating apps. It won’t be long, and hundreds of various girls’  profiles are waiting for you in any dating app. You don’t have to be too enthusiastic though. They say many girls are there just for fun or money.

They are looking for sponsors and waiting for someone to pay for the dinner or take them shopping. They rarely look for something more serious. Of course, there are always exceptions and you can find a good American girl who will date you with pleasure.

It is just necessary to be careful and distinguish good intentions from all others. If you are not sure, have a video chat before a real date to see her face and mimics. It might help you understand her true desires and requirements.

Dating sites

Apart from dating apps and various social networks, there are many dating sites. Meeting an American girl on such a dating site is not difficult while there are a lot of single girls and they all sign up for meeting someone. Your success will depend on the site you pick actually.

There are a lot of free ones where the situation isn’t much different from the dating apps. There are a lot of gold-diggers and simply ghost profiles on such platforms. However, if you pick a dating site with at least a nominal fee where both men and women pay, you can be more sure that these girls are more serious.

When someone pays, he or she expects to get quality over everything else, so don’t be afraid to buy a cheap subscription for such a dating site. It won’t cost you much but may bring you great results. You will be able to meet someone interested to meet you regardless of your money or success.

This was the information about American girls. If you believe they are too high-maintenance and demand a lot, you can always date someone from other countries and compare. Don’t forget though that women have their requirements and expectations everywhere in the world.