Rules of dating you never heard of

Have you ever tried to find a partner? It’s not a simple task, and you have to be ready to fail. There are plenty of aspects and details you must know about. People have different necessities, and relationships are not an exception. Some singles are looking for soulmates, while others need a new partner every night. There are even special courses in the world for those who want to learn how to pick up depending on what they need. They are usually for dating in real life, not on the internet. Here, we’ve got some peculiarities that differ from standard methods. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your skills in online dating!

We are glad to share some secrets with you that will make your journey more enjoyable, exciting, and simple. Use our service to find a gorgeous woman or a handsome man for any type of relationship, use our pro tips to do it right. Don’t feel lonely when there are a lot of singles who wait exactly for you! Continue reading to know the necessary information.

Step 1: Getting Prepared

If you are here, it means you are already moving in the right direction because you are curious about how to reach your goals. To increase the success chances, we recommend you to do a little research and clarify your needs. This will let you get rid of unnecessary moves and decisions, which saves a great amount of time. So, look at what you should do:

  • Type of relationship. You should realize what suits you the most at the moment. Do you need a committed partner to create a family? Or do you want to just satisfy your sexual needs? It’s rather complicated to find a thing when you don’t even know what it is.
  • Preferences. Based on your previous experience or on your expectations, create an image of your ideal match. This facilitates the search when you have a clear picture of the person you are searching for.
  • Set the boundaries. It’s easier to get the results if you don’t let yourself cross some borders. You have to get what you deserve, and you won’t be satisfied with something else. 

Step 2: On The Site

When you have already created an account and prepared for searching, there are still several rules left you should stick to. Online dating is an exciting phenomenon that requires nothing, except for an internet connection and a device that is capable of running a dating platform. However, you can make your time on Sofia Date more efficient, following our tips.

First of all, fill in your profile properly. It doesn’t matter what you need: casual dating or marriage-minded relationships. People should be able to realize who you are just by quickly looking at the information in your profile. At the same time, this information should make them interested. The main idea is to keep your profile page informative, rather short, and catchy. 

Fill in all the fields to make sure you give the fullest description of your personality and appearance. Upload photos to provide users with the opportunity to see how you look. Don’t use false or unreal details to avoid misleading. Update your profile whenever you have changes in your life that may be displayed here.


dating rules

Communication on the internet differs from the one in real life. Your main tool here is the messenger. Online chatting is fun, and it opens a lot of new possibilities, such as meeting people from other countries, for example. But it has some unique moments that you need to realize to succeed in flirting:

  • The lack of real emotions. You can’t feel the person you are talking to — no gestures, mimics, reactions, tones, and so on. It can be difficult to understand each other in the way you want it without real emotions. Make your dialogue full, tell your potential partner more than you would tell in real life to compensate for the emptiness of the internet.
  • Anonymity. Although the site does its best to ensure your safety and protect you against dishonest members, you should keep in mind that the internet is a place where you can easily hide your personality. So be careful and make sure that you are talking to the person from a profile, but not to someone else.
  • First message. According to the statistic, the first message plays one of the most significant roles in creating the right mood for further conversation. You can catch people’s attention with just a few unusual words, which is a great advantage for you.
  • Don’t wait. Initiate contact and start flirting with a person you like. If you want something — just get it. You shouldn’t sit and wait until your crush texts you. There is nothing wrong with being an initiative for both boys and girls.

Step 3: Tips For Everyone

As it has been said, there are different types of dating you may choose. What comes to the service, it doesn’t matter what you need, but if we are talking about the process of dating, it’s pretty essential what you are trying to build. It would take too long to describe every possible situation such as dating a widower or a married man, even though such relationships have many interesting moments. We can only say that it’s up to you to choose, and you can be sure that it’s easy to find anything you want here. Let’s briefly look through the most common types to give you some pieces of advice.

Serious relationship

This is one of the most popular types, and it’s also the most complicated one. People who look for soulmates want to build a family and start a new life. This requires time, energy, and effort. The secret of a committed relationship is love, and you can’t learn how to love. But you can learn how to find a person to love using

  • Be honest. This is rule number one. It’s impossible to love without trusting each other, and it’s also impossible to trust without being honest. Don’t lie to your partner on the internet to make a better impression — this will end up bad in the future.
  • Advanced search. Use all the filters and options to find the most suitable partner. This increases the compatibility level and allows you to exclude partners who don’t meet your preferences.

Casual dating rules

The second type that is also extremely popular, especially among young boys and girls, is opposite to the previous one. It aims for quick flings, sex dates, and so on. People look for partners to spend some good time together and move on. Remember these things to succeed:

  • Be honest. Surprisingly, the first point is about honesty. There are a lot of people on the service who search for casual dating, which means they understand you and want the same. Don’t trick people who are looking for something else, tell the truth.
  • Premium features. Purchasing premium features is not an obligatory condition, and it can be helpful in any situation, but it’s a great decision to remove the limits when you search for a new partner every day.

Step 4: Safety

online dating rules

Don’t forget that security is an essential part of any dating website. As well as it’s an essential part of your life. You must feel safe and confident to be able to reach the goals you have set. We want to discuss what you must do to ensure your safety, and what regulations the service has.

The first rule is obvious and it concerns all users: you have to be 18 or over to use the dating site. This is needed to avoid problems connected with minors. There are special teenagers’ chats on the internet, where you can talk to like-minded people if you are under 18. 

The terms and conditions of use have a lot of points that you can learn on the corresponding page. Here you can get to know about your obligations and rights. The main rule that will always help you avoid any problems is to treat other people well. Be tolerant, don’t use rude words, be polite, and ignore offensive behavior. 

Follow the safety tips:

  • Don’t share personal and financial information. Cyber criminals may pretend to be the site’s administrators or may try to trick you another way, but don’t ever share this information with anybody. Even moderators can’t ask for this, so keep it confidential.
  • Don’t open links. It’s better to not open any links because it can be a trap to steal your personal data, such as login and password. This is a popular «fishing» technique. 
  • Report violations. Help moderators create a close-knit, responsible community by reporting suspicious activity. If you have noticed that users act illegally, you must tell moderators about this to let them take measures against crimes.
  • Arrange the first date in public. This is the rule for online dating that guarantees you a safe date. Even if you think you know a person well, it’s better to meet at a cafe or in the park for the first time.
  • Tell your friends. You don’t need a guard or a sentinel that will watch you — just tell someone where you are and what you are doing to let them react quickly if it’s necessary.


Online dating is much easier and convenient compared to traditional methods of pickup. Using our service, you can find a partner who suits you perfectly. There are no strict rules or regulations, no special conditions to meet. Actually, the only rule is to listen to your heart. Our features will guide you so it’s impossible not to get the results. 

Feel free to join us at any time! The dedicated team of specialists will always help, and the large community of like-minded people will make you feel comfortable. If you are ready to change your life, change it in a good way with the dedicated online service for dating. Meet new people, learn new things, and share your beliefs with people who understand you. 

We welcome all races, nations, and religions. Don’t be afraid to make the first step to change your life and have fun with thousands of other users. Did you find these rules and tips useful? Share them with your friends and colleagues, let everyone know how to find love on the internet!