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In today’s world, there are plenty of opportunities for getting acquainted with each other. In order to avoid feeling lonely, many people prefer online dating which lets them effortlessly meet hundreds of potential interlocutors not leaving their homes. What can be easier? Swiping right and left, up or down you are free to imbue your life with romance, passion, and genuine love.

Why is digital romance so pervasive nowadays?

In the digital era of technological advances, using dating websites seems commonplace. Despite the fact that many people prefer getting acquainted in an old-fashioned way (during a personal meeting), online dating websites are becoming increasingly popular.

The advantages of meeting people in cyberspace

There are a lot of points in favor of online dating. Here belong:

Unlimited choice, flexibility, and convenience

According to the report conducted by the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of digital daters consider that it’s easier to meet people online rather than approach them in reality. Taking into consideration the fact that modern daters (no matter young or senior) are so busy with studies, work, or leading an active life, online dating is a quick way of meeting a match.

Apart from this, cyberspace is virtually unlimited, which means that there is a bottomless pool of friends or partners to choose from. Just imagine that you have access to them just sitting in front of your computer or swiping the profiles on your mobile.

Highly useful for minority groups

Furthermore, in virtual reality, you can meet people you won’t necessarily get acquainted with sticking to your typical lifestyle. Take gay or trans folks, for instance. Being a minority, they may find it difficult to get acquainted offline. Consider the social pressure such people have to face, and you’ll better understand why meeting each other online is the best option for them.

A means of overcoming shyness

In many cases, both young and senior singles are feeling embarrassed when they have to make the first move in real life. Even saying a simple «Hey» face-to-face may seem too intimidating if we are supposed to start a conversation with a person we like.

In the case of online communication, however, things get easier. Once you’ve read some basic information about your potential match in their profile, it’s easier to approach them based on that knowledge. Besides, a virtual partner won’t see you blush through a screen or feel that you are anxious and embarrassed (which is the case in real life).   

What perks do dating websites offer?

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of websites for dating is that with their services, you can choose a partner from another country or even another continent. People are different, but their desire for being loved and cared for is the same regardless of age, nationality, or religion. Therefore, we may say that international dating websites let us easily get acquainted with a potential match from abroad.

How does SofiaDate fulfill these needs of yours?  

To connect singles from different countries, our Team has designed clear searching tools that let you instantly find a lady according to your preferable filter parameters. You are free to apply such filters as age, appearance (height, body type, eye/hair color), job, education, religion, marital status, number of children, hobbies, and purpose of staying on the site.

Such detailed parameters will help you better understand what women you are communicating with. Besides, we kindly advise you to read the section where a lady describes a man she is looking for. This way, you will find out whether you correspond with her requirements and what traits you have to develop to become her significant other.

After you’ve applied the filters you consider appropriate, just click «Show matches» button and enjoy your amazing interlocutors’ profiles! Attentive, sensitive, and caring, they will conquer your heart with the very first message.

What about safety issues?

There are many myths regarding online dating, and one of the acutest questions is that one of online safety. With SofiaDate, you can be sure that its dating cyber environment is absolutely trustworthy and secure since our Team strictly monitors any suspicious things.

If you feel or it seems to you that something is going wrong, you are always welcome to contact SofiaDate Support Team 24/7 and express your concerns. We will sort out the matter and give you a feedback asap.    

What should I do to succeed?

To make your online dating successful, you have to stick to some rules. First and foremost, we are talking about creating your dating profile.

How do I set up an appealing online profile?

The «About me» section may seem rather frightening, especially if this is your first experience with online dating. Following the tips given below, you will be able to create a nice self-portrait on a dating website.

One’s personality as well as appearance

Despite the fact that appearance is the main factor determining others’ interest in your profile, your personality also matters. According to one of the studies, people of both sexes are more interested in profiles that break traditional stereotypes about gender roles.

For instance, if you describe yourself as an «affectionate» or «tender» man, you are likely to get more likes than a male describing himself as «competitive and ambitious.» Yet, remember that you have to be honest. Liars aren’t accepted anywhere, and the digital world isn’t an exception.  

It’s better to show once than to tell twice

Just enumerating the adjectives that describe your personality is a bad practice. You’d better act like a painter — paint your self-portrait. If you believe you are funny, prove that with a joke rather than simply say «I’m funny.»

Upload pictures showing your life

It would be great if you could choose the pictures that give an insight into your everyday life (depicting your hobbies, interests, etc.). Choose the photos describing who you are and what activities you enjoy. Just like in the above-mentioned point, show rather than speak.

Show what makes you unique

Keep in mind that there are tons of profiles online, which means that it’s not that easy to attract a potential match’s attention. However, if you share things that make you stand out from the crowd, it may really help you to find a significant other. Don’t be shy and don’t hide in your shell. Be yourself and let others notice you.

Leave some space for others

Of course, filling the «About me» lines, you have to describe yourself; yet, bear in mind that you address another person, your potential match. Therefore, write a little about who you want to meet and how you see an ideal date. Apart from other things, it would be a good hint for a partner about how to spend time with you.

All in all, don’t hurry to trust online profiles too much unless you get to know your interlocutor better. Just like in real life, people may exaggerate or hide something in order to seem more appealing. So, being somewhat skeptical at the initial stage is a reasonable piece of advice.

After you’ve created your online profile on a dating website and found a match according to your preferences, you are supposed to start chatting.  

Useful tips about online communication

  • Don’t share too much information. Remember that you are talking to a stranger you know very little about, so don’t trust a new acquaintance just like you would trust a close friend. For your safety and security, don’t share personal details such as your immediate geographical location or home address.  
  • To establish a firm bonding, try to find things in common. Don’t be afraid to show that you share some of your interlocutor’s opinion — it would be great to discuss things you both like (or hate).
  • Always be positive. It’s a harmful practice to start communication with complaints or negative topics. Talk about inspiring things that you love.
  • Ask your match questions. If you want others to continue communicating with you, show that you are interested in their lives and ask questions. Just make sure you don’t ask too much; otherwise, you’ll look like a police officer interrogating a suspect.
  • Keep in mind that sexting may play a bad joke on you. If you start receiving sexual messages that make you feel uncomfortable, you can block such users or report the issue to the Support Team.

If you want to send somebody your «hot» photo, you’d better think twice unless you want to see your nude photos on porn sites as a token of revenge if something flows wrong.

  • What about «ghosting?» It’s a typical phenomenon in the digital world when a person you’ve been communicating with disappears or intentionally starts ignoring you. Don’t get anxious about such «ghosts,» just move on to meet a more mature partner who is able to take responsibility for their actions.

Dating in cyberspace vs Real Meeting

After you’ve communicated with a match for a considerably long period of time, you may want to meet each other in reality. Getting ready for a face-to-face meeting, keep in mind these guidelines.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media

Before deciding whether you should meet with a potential date, check their accounts on social media. The point is that you may find some photos or learn about their activities that are unacceptable for you. If this is the case, you may want to skip a date.        

Tell a relative or a friend where you are

Somebody from your close circle should necessarily know where you are and with whom. Thus, tell them where a date will take place, how long it is supposed to last, and your match’s name. Ask your friend to follow up if you don’t come back by a certain period of time.

This rule is obligatory since in case something goes wrong, your relatives or friends will know where and with whom you are at the moment.

It’s preferable to meet in public

As the goal of your first date is to meet personally and see how you feel in another person’s company, keep a date short, and meet in a public place. If something weird is likely to happen, public places are safer and easier to avoid embarrassing situations.  

Make the first meeting a coffee date

Dates don’t necessarily have to involve alcohol, do they? Just keep a date casual over coffee so that your first impression and judgment about a person will be sharp and unspoiled by alcohol drinks. If you really want to have one, make sure it’s really just one drink.

Why not make it a «group date?»

 You may try to invite your online match to take part in a group activity. Firstly, there will be less pressure between you both. Secondly, you definitely won’t get bored (provided that your partner really likes that activity). Last but not least, you will see how you can interact in one team.

Yet, considering this option, make sure that you inform your potential partner about it beforehand.

Will dating websites help me find a sweetheart?

Some people don’t consider online dating an option assuming that it won’t lead to a long-lasting relationship. To turn a swipe into a meaningful union, make use of the following strategies.

Be sincere about your goals with yourself and others

To find something, you need to know what you are looking for, right? The same holds true for online dating websites. Define your goals precisely, learn about those ones of a lady you are communicating with (as you remember, you can read that information in her profile), see if they coincide, and start chatting.

Keep in mind that honesty is the best policy. If your intentions are serious and you are looking for a long-term relationship, SofiaDate is glad to welcome you on its platform. All our ladies are interested in a lasting relationship with mature men, so if you belong to this category of males, you are likely to succeed at Ukrainian dating websites!

Don’t give up on friendly relationships

Men’s typical mistake is that they are likely to get disappointed if a relationship with a woman they like doesn’t become romantic as quickly as they want. Yet, keep in mind that exactly friendship is a solid base for a romantic relationship.

So, just give her as much time as she needs to get to know you better and start trusting you. Especially, this is the case with East European women registered on SofiaDate. Somewhat reserved at first, they become tender, loving, and extremely caring once you earn their trust and devotion.

To sum up, SofiaDate is one of the best dating websites that opens to you the world of wonderful members looking for something more lasting than a flirt. Register on our platform and meet your perfect matches just with a couple of clicks!