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About 7 billion people live on Earth. Men, women, children, and old people - they are all scattered in different parts of the world. It is not surprising that finding your soulmate can be not so easy. Sometimes you have to use more than one attempt for this. What if your last marriage was not the most successful attempt to find your soulmate? Do not despair, this is not the time to give up. Our life is a series of changes, ups, and downs. Life always gives us lessons and experience. Be positive. Be sure that you are not alone in your problem. Fortunately or not, a lot of people decide to divorce for completely different reasons. And a huge number of them still believe in love and continue to search for the right person. Divorce is not a verdict but only an excuse to revise the attitude towards many things. It is also a knowledge base and experience,  a form of intelligence, and fortitude. All these qualities will come in handy to find someone who will make your life fulfilling.

And here is where SofiaDae will help you! We can provide you with the necessary conditions to start a new life full of love just like you have had before. Join us to see that nothing ends here, and you should keep on trying even when you fall. Are you excited to know how it works? You will like it!

The best solution for you

We tend to think that men don’t like women who have already been married. They treat them worse than those who have just had relationships before. In fact, that’s not true. Men are just jealous and they are usually hard to deal with exes. This is normal, and you can just accept it or not. But we want to show all men and women the good sides of divorced women and why there is such a great number of people on our site who want to date one of them:

  • They know a lot. An experienced person who has been through different life situations and lived in a marriage knows what she/he wants. Women after breaking up with their partners analyze every mistake, every event, and think over what went wrong to avoid such problems in the future. This means that she will never waste your time on unnecessary things. Men adore smart girls.
  • Competitive element. Believe it or not, the majority of men can’t cage their wild nature, so they always try to prove they are better than everyone. This is why it’s crucial for men to give their partners more than a previous partner gave. This possibility is a good chance to become a real king.
  • Reasonable attitude. Young girls often have their heads in the clouds. They have too exaggerated standards for men: perfect body, no bad habits, perfect smile, great salary, dancing and singing talents, and so on. It’s barely possible to meet such conditions! But mature women know that they need a man who can be a man whenever they need it. It doesn’t mean that they are ok with nasty, gross, unmannered bumpkins, but the standards are much lower.
  • Sexual life. Experience means a lot to all life aspects. Mature women with great sexual experiences can satisfy better than any young model. Plus, such women are often ready for experiments because they want new emotions.
  • Housekeeping. We can continue listing advantages but it may be endless. So the last for today is about chores and other duties at home. A good wife always knows how to keep a house clean and a husband full. Dating a divorced woman, you can get all the benefits of a marriage without even marrying.

Problems and complications

The most common problem concerns dating a divorced woman with kids. Men don’t know how to react, women are afraid of a chance that it will spoil relationships, and no one knows what to do. First of all, you need to realize one simple thing: the number of registered users on the site is too big to be not able to find a suitable partner. There is always someone who likes you and your imperfection. The second thing you should think about is that this problem has 2 variants. Depending on the circumstances, you should make a decision.

Let’s look at the first variant where kids are adult enough. This is not even a problem for the majority of cases. Adult people know how to deal with such sophisticated situations. So the best you can do is to take it easy and do not push. Just let things go as they are. Behave naturally, be yourself, and care about what your partner feels. Your main task is to keep your partner happy — nothing more.

The second situation is about little kids. This is much tougher, but it’s still rather understandable. The problem is that kids protect their mother and themselves from any potential danger. And you have to earn their trust before you can become a part of a family. To do this, you have to show you are a good boy and you won’t harm any of them ever. If you manage to do this, you will have a loving family that supports you, too.

Divorced moms dating tips

If you are a single mom and you don’t think it’s a good idea to look for a partner when you have kids, read the following tips. They will help you find a partner who accepts such conditions. Thanks to online services, you can find anyone without leaving your home, which is extremely convenient when you are a mom who has to watch little kids:

  • Set up the search. The most important task is to set up the searching feature to find only people who don’t mind raising kids. Choose the right options and find a suitable partner in the blink of an eye.
  • Use the mobile version. It saves a great amount of time and gives you more space. You can keep on searching when you have to watch your kids. Just unlock your smartphone and open a browser to check the site. This is the best opportunity of all the times.

Red flags

We want to make you pay attention to some bad signs that mean your relationship is in danger. This works two ways, so both men and women should know about red flags to avoid problems and stay safe. Let’s begin with men and what they should be careful about:

  • Never-ending reminders of an ex. If your partner can’t stop thinking about her ex-husband even after a long time, that’s not good. When everything goes fine, you forget about your previous relationship and become happier with a new partner. Usually, such situations mean you have to break up before you regret it.
  • Control. Don’t let your partner control everything. This may be caused by two different reasons and may have different manifestations. The first one is connected with trust issues: a woman can’t trust you and always checks you and suspects. This is actually a serious psycho trauma that needs to be treated. And the second is more about the development of a relationship and important decisions. When people think they know better, they try to become a leader. It’s not appropriate for relationships. So be careful if you feel the pressure.
  • Dead-end. If you feel like you are stuck, you should make sure you are not. It’s ok if you just slow down a little bit, but it’s not good at all if you can’t move forward for too long. Sometimes women unconsciously block you from getting closer, which means she is not ready for a new relationship yet.
  • Marriage. This is a complicated point that depends on the personality and situation. The sense is that you should be able to talk about marriage, it can’t be taboo. But you also should not talk about this too much. If you notice something is wrong with this theme, think one more time if you want to continue or not.

For women

As we told, girls should be careful as well. We all make mistakes and harm people even if we are not supposed to do it and we have never wanted something like this. But the truth is that you must keep your eyes wide open;

  • No attention to kids. Kids must be as important as you, so if a man doesn’t want to pay some attention to them, you won’t build a strong relationship. It’s easy to realize how they think on the very first date. Tell stories about your kids and look at the reaction. 
  • Sex. Some men consider divorced women easy targets. They sympathize, support, and let you feel comfortable to sleep with you. If sex is the only reason why you are meeting, you don't need such a partner. Check how many times you can meet if you say you can’t have sex for a few days.
  • Nothing serious. This problem works for both sides. You should be able to know whether you can count on serious relationships or not. If you are stuck in your relationship and you feel like nothing changes, talk about it with your partner. Maybe you can find a way out together or maybe it’s impossible.


Life is sometimes like a roller coaster: there are ups and downs, a peak of horror or a lull. Don't feel like you can't control it. Everything is in your hands, so let’s take action. Divorced dating is a phenomenon that proves it. Try to be open and you will attract happiness and love in your life. There is definitely a person somewhere who really likes you. The only problem is to figure out where exactly this person is, and we give you everything to do it. Take this helping hand to obtain such a great thing as love. Don’t deny the power of relationships — you need them. Stay focused on the aim and believe in success. Concentrate on your strengths. Take action. You deserve the best of the best, so be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities. Be happy with the right person next to you. Your soul mate will always understand and support you. It is interesting and calm with him/her. Love and be loved.