Elite dating: is it worth trying?

Elite dating sounds like something for the most successful and attractive people. Is it really a good way to meet your life partner? You never know how a dating site can change your life but you also have no idea whether elite dating means finding the one you are looking for.

Before joining an elite dating website, it would be great to understand what elite dating means. You might say that it is obvious — it is dating for the richest, most powerful, and talented people. However, when signing up for one of such online dating services, you never know who is considered to be elite and most importantly, who decides whether you are eligible for elite dating.

What elite dating is

If you strive for the best in your life, there is nothing wrong with it. Healthy ambitions are good. If you are a mature, successful person, wealthy, and striving for the best in life, it is normal to search for a partner with the same goals and achievements. Naturally, you want your partner to have the same status as you do.

However, assuming that someone is so great just because they belong to a certain social class is wrong. There is something more in relationships and love than just wealth and allegiance to a layer of society. Elite dating means something more than that.

We bet you wouldn’t like to be refused by a lady because of being not in her league. Women also wouldn’t like you not to consider them because they do not fit into your elite circle. Everyone wants to be worthy of love regardless of age, beauty, and social status.

No one can forbid you looking for money, status, youth, or beauty but when dating, there is something more to look for — personality and character traits. Feelings cannot be denied as well. Affection, admiration, and love are an integral part of any relationship, aren’t they? Then how can we speak of elite dating if these constituents are missing?

Online dating for elite singles

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If you are a wealthy person and are afraid to meet a gold-digger, it’s absolutely normal to be looking for a woman from your league. Joining a dating site for elite singles would be reasonable in that case but here is a funny thing.

Not all elite dating sites guarantee that people joining them are not gold-diggers. Lots of wicked individuals join such dating sites to chase such eligible brides and grooms like you. It means that coming across a gold-digger is much easier on such dating sites.

If you check elite dating site reviews, you will make sure that such services are not very reliable. The candidates’ identities are not verified thoroughly and it makes you a sitting duck for wallet-hunters.

Apart from so-called elite singles, there are so many educated, smart, attractive, intelligent, and simply great people on casual dating sites and the chances of meeting a fraudster in such places are much lower while no one knows a priori that you are a tidbit and has no intentions to chase you for your money.

Must-know tips on picking your elite dating site

As the experience of many people proves, you never know who is hiding behind the pictures on elite dating services. It is really sad. Many pictures are fake or too photoshopped. Learning a lot about someone by pictures only is impossible.

Here are the tips to follow when searching for your partner on elite dating sites:

  • Do not trust everything you read in their profiles. People on such sites tend to lie in their profiles on dating sites.
  • Do not think that someone’s status will help you find truthful relationships. Picking your partner by social statuses is really wrong, look for personality and traits.
  • Check the elite dating site review. Before you spend your money on such sites (elite dating sites are usually not free), better check their background, and see what people say. The reviews might be anonymous while wealthy and powerful people do not want to advertise their search. Doing it is not time-consuming but very helpful — you will have insight into what kind of site you are going to use.
  • Do not disclose your information too soon. Do not trust people on dating sites easily, especially if they know about your wealth and high social status.
  • Meet in a public place for the first time to find out more about the person. Avoid being face-to-face with an unknown lady where other people do not see you.

Elite dating VS matchmaking

Wealthy and successful people are likely to use personalized services instead of online dating. It’s no wonder while it gives a certain guarantee of confidentiality and success. Here are the main differences between elite online dating and elite matchmaking:

1. Elite dating site     

  • Your data is not confidential and anyone can see your profile
  • High chances to meet a gold-digger
  • No guarantee of the result

2. Matchmaking

  • Your profile is shown only to potential candidates after your approval
  • The chances to meet a dishonest match are equal to zero while matchmakers use a personalized approach to each customer and verify both you and your potential partners
  • You will 100% have real dates and marriage with one of the candidates

 The don’ts of elite dating

Elite dating is full of pitfalls just like any other dating and spheres of life, in general. People all over the globe keep searching for wealth, status, and social recognition forgetting what they really need to be happy — love and sincere relationships.

Here are the biggest no-no’s of elite dating for singles. Try to avoid these mistakes and success is around the corner. You should by no means think that your social status or wealth will prevent you from failure or disappointment. Follow these simple tips to get the most of your elite dating.

Thinking that money can buy you love

elite dating

One of the biggest don’ts of such dating is thinking that money means everything and can guarantee you find your partner. Both wealthy and poor people are never immune to being lonely and failing to find someone to love.

If you are a wealthy and successful person, do not behave as if the whole world belongs to you and everyone must admire you. You should at least assume that some people may not like you. It is normal because we fall in love with and admire personalities, actions, character traits but not statuses and money.

The opposite scenario is also possible. However, you do not want to attract gold-diggers, don’t you? Then don’t boast about your wealth and status, behave like an ordinary person.

Thinking that someone owes you something

When joining an elite dating site and paying for their membership, people often assume others owe them automatically. Such a tactic is wrong and this is a very big no-no. Other members pay for their membership and services of their matchmaker regardless of their wealth and social class, so why would they owe you something?

You should not be surprised if you are rejected. It happens on all dating sites as well as in real life. If you joined a dating site, it means that you have a problem finding an eligible partner on your own. You need help and you pay for it. Other people on that site do not owe you anything.

Thinking that someone will do it for you

People join elite dating sites due to their tough schedule. Sure, being a busy professional means having no time for other things even if it is dating. However, you must find time for dating even if you have hired the best matchmaker ever.

A matchmaker can do a lion’s share of work for you but he or she cannot date for you. If you decide to join a dating site or hire a professional to select some matches for you, you still need to devote time and effort to the process.

Just because you are a happy owner of their membership, you won’t succeed. Other candidates who also pay for the same services do not care that you lack the time. Women will eventually find those men who pay more attention and time to them. The conclusion is — prepare to invest not only your money but time!

Looking for the same sort of person

You are a famous, ambitious, and powerful person who adores playing golf and yachts. Are you looking for a woman with the same achievements or interests? Then forget about finding your better half.

Realize that people are different, especially men and women. If you want to be happy in relationships and marriage, look for your soulmate. These people are called soulmates for complementing each other, not for being the same.

The whole world of elite dating is open to you and here you can meet someone you never managed to meet in real life. This person doesn’t have to love all those things you love but must make you happy. Consider different people!

Being over excited

You are probably keen to meet someone on a global elite dating site. Everyone is but there is no need to be too excited about it. Some guys start texting to ladies once they join the service and scare them off. Texting is great but not too much.

Do not overwhelm others with your messages, letters, or phone calls. It may turn people off. Do not be in a hurry. Remember that you are not rushing anywhere. The process is steady and quiet and extra rush only harms the result.

You have been single for a while and nothing will happen if you keep being single for some more time. You will meet your partner when the time is right.

Elite dating isn’t about boasting about your wealth but looking for a highly educated, intelligent, and well-mannered person who can complete you and make your life happier and easier. Stick to these simple rules and instead of meeting a gold-digger, you will meet a wonderful person to spend the rest of your life with.