Friendship and dating: utopia or reality

Is friendship between a man and a woman possible without romantic relationships and vice versa? Have you ever heard from your friends that their matches are their best friends? It is wonderful when both in a couple can call themselves the best friends ever. They simply do not need anyone else and can not only be lovers and partners but also best friends and share their utmost secrets with each other.

However, the topics of friendship & dating cause too many discussions and contradictions. Some people can scream and prove that friendship is impossible between two individuals in a couple while others say it is impossible to love each other without being best mates. Who of them is right and who is wrong? Let us try to find it out right now.

Is building friendship before dating necessary?

Not really. Some people start their relationship with passion, others fall in love at first sight and have unbelievable chemistry. However, some couples have been friends for years and developed romantic feelings only after many years of friendship.

Each couple is individual and special and there is no universal receipt that would suit everyone. Everything should be done as you feel it. If you have a woman who could be your good friend, you can develop a friendship union. However, if you see a woman you really like and feel attracted to physically, friendship is not necessary since you both may be interested in a romantic relationship.

When people date and live for a long time together, they might become best friends. Moreover, the strongest married couples claim that they are the best friends of each other. Friendship in a relationship is possible and it can be developed both before you started dating and after it.

Is it friendship or love?

friendship dating


It is very easy to take friendship for love and vice versa. Many people believe they are true friends while loving each other and someone thinks that he or she has true love in a relationship while they are nothing but friends. There is no single answer to that question.

Humans are very complicated and their feelings are not less complicated. Confusing love and friendship is also possible and it doesn’t mean you don’t understand yourself or your partner. Love and friendship are very similar notions. They both are unconditional.

True friendship is built on trust, respect, and support. Love isn’t different. You respect, support, and trust your partner regardless of anything. Both friends and beloved stand for one another and defend each other in any situation even if they know their partners or friends are wrong.

You might be surprised but many relationships are built very well on friendship. People do not love each other truly but are very good friends and happy together. Once again, everyone can choose what he or she is comfortable with.

It’s impossible to tell you not to date your friend or not to date if you didn’t manage to develop a friendship. You must choose only what is really good and convenient for you and your partner. Remember that if someone has managed to build a friendship before dating, it doesn’t mean you must do the same. Do only as you wish and feel.

Friends with benefits

This is another form of friendship and it is improper for some people while others take all the advantages out of it. Friends with benefits are friends who do not mind spending nights together without having obligations.

Of course, such a relationship has no future in most cases and can exist until one of you finds someone else. After that, all your relationship must end because one of you starts dating another person exclusively.

However, it is very convenient for some people. Let’s say you have a very good friend of the opposite sex who knows all of your secrets and spends a lot of time with you. You meet up, see each other, go to the cinema, concerts, share everything but both are singles.

Many people believe that having intimacy with your friend is pretty healthy since you know each other more than well, so why not get the most out of it. Needless to say, nothing good will work out of it. In most cases, you lose your friend.

It is impossible to keep being friends after you took your relationship to an intimate level. Before doing it, think well about whether you are ready to lose such a good friend for the sake of a couple of hookups.

Friendship and speed dating

One of the best ways to meet somebody for dating is a speed dating event. It is extremely easy and fast. Your friendship matters here because it is best to attend such events together with your friends. It’s much more fun and you have some really good support.

Thus, if you don’t feel comfortable going to a speed dating event, ask one or two of your friends to do it together. You will have a very good time. However, not everyone can manage to meet someone to date in such events, but many people find friendship.

People exchange phone numbers, go on dates but realize they do not have any romantic feelings toward each other but they have so much in common that decide to remain friends. Thus, a simple speed dating event can easily bring you something more than a date. You can find real friendship there.

How to use friendship dating sites

friendship dating sites


Friendship dating sites sound like something unreal and fantastic. However, there are plenty of dating sites where you can really find friendship. Many dating apps offer you a choice. When you register, you pick your goal.

Thus, not everyone can search for a relationship on a dating site. People search for marriage, dating, hookups, and also friendship using such apps. You should state at once what your purpose is not to confuse other members.

Finding such sites would not be very difficult and below, you will see which platforms to use for that purpose.

Social networks

Social media are one of the best free friendship dating sites. You cannot even find a better option for that purpose. First of all, they are absolutely free. Secondly, you are free to have as many friends as you wish. It doesn’t mean you cannot date there.

Many social networks have their dating platforms and you can also use them for free. These platforms are perfect for finding not only friends but someone to date. Lots of people manage to become friends on social networks and start dating in the future.

You should not bother people too much though. If someone doesn’t want to accept your friendship request, don’t insist. You should respect other people’s feelings and desires. If a girl doesn’t have a wish to get in touch with you, don’t make her do this, otherwise, she will simply block you.

You must have a lot of friends on social networks. People often get in touch with each other through common friends. This is how you can find not only new friendships but also dating.

Create a good profile on a dating site

If you want to become friends with someone first, you must have a good profile where everyone would see you, your face, eyes, and could read about your interests and goals on this site. If you joined it for friendship exclusively, mention it at once in your profile because it will not be honest. Many people may want to date you while you are not interested in it.

A good profile is half of your success. People will want to get in touch with you if they feel you are appealing and worth a try. Thus, don’t hide yourself and post a recent photo with a smile. Avoid bragging in your profile because people don’t want any friendship with such guys, not to mention dating.

You should not leave your profile empty either. Your description is your business card. If a woman cannot read any information about you, why would she want to start at least communicating with you? Let everyone know who, what you are, and why you are here.

Don’t be annoying

Some guys start writing to everyone when joining a dating site even if receiving no replies. If you see no answer, don’t bother these women again and again. It is obvious they are not interested in any friendship or relationship with you. Respect their decisions and find someone who will be more willing to get to know you.

When you start communicating with a girl, don’t set up any frames for her. For example, you write to her every two days but don’t require the same from her. It doesn’t mean she can or must do the same. You will hardly find any friendship or dating when behaving this way.

You know that friendship before dating is possible, however, it doesn’t mean everyone should start his relationship with friendship. You should do like you and your partner feel. Developing a friendship with years isn’t worse than having it from the very beginning.