The challenges of an interracial marriage

A loving interracial marriage isn’t rare nowadays. People of different races and from various countries and continents meet, date, and marry each other creating wonderful families. Probably, you won’t be surprised by seeing an interracial couple in the streets of your city.

Many people strive to meet a person of another race for dating and marriage for their reasons. Someone loves personalities; others are crazy about their appearances. Not everyone knows though that interracial couples face many difficulties.

The information below will let you know everything about interracial marriages and how to overcome the challenges interracial couples face. When you have a wish, dealing with difficulties is not a problem. Together, you both can turn them into benefits.

How to survive in your first interracial marriage

At first, any relationship seems to be fun and exciting and it really is. However, relationships are full of pitfalls and require hard work. Interracial marriages are not an exception and can be even more complicated. Why?

Sometimes, two people who come from absolutely different worlds start experiencing difficulties in the process of their married life. Such difficulties are inevitable due to specific circumstances but they are easy to handle and overcome.

Here are the main challenges of interracial marriages and the ways to cope with them easily. As they say, you have made your bed, now you must lie on it.


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You could have chosen your spouse because of her wonderful culture. Many people are captivated by cultures of other nations and for that reason, choose their partners. At first, everything seems great and you can never imagine anything better.

Culture has its pitfalls though and sometimes, plays its dirty jokes with us. Do not be sad, disappointed, or surprised when things you considered weird are normal for your wife. People often face various cultural differences that shock them at once.

Handling them is not difficult at all. You will learn each other’s cultures step-by-step and won’t pay attention to such things anymore. For example, if you do not eat pork and she adores it, you should look for compromises. Let’s say, she will not eat it for your sake or will cook beef for you and pork for her if you don’t mind.

You should come up with your own compromises depending on the needs and expectations of you both. Do not get mad with your partner if some situations occur, she may not be aware of your viewpoint on some topics and things exactly due to cultural differences.

Language barrier

If your partner comes from your or English-speaking country, then you should never have this issue. One of the most common interracial marriage combinations are American-Hispanic couples or American and African-American, etc.

As a rule, these people come from the same country and both speak English, so the language barrier doesn’t bother them. However, if you decide to marry a French or Ukrainian woman, for example, English is not her mother tongue.

Even if she speaks perfect English, there are language peculiarities and different misunderstandings may arise on that ground. It concerns, first of all, the peculiarities of both languages and various catchphrases.

Do not worry, it won’t last forever. As time passes, your spouse will learn such expressions and proverbs and will get used to them. In some time, you both will laugh at such funny situations.

It is crucial not to be silent and not hold a grudge against your wife. Make sure she meant exactly what you understood. In most cases, these are just misunderstandings easy to avoid thanks to dialogs and conversations.

Long-distance marriages

Although interracial marriages are legalized and you can marry a citizen of almost any country nowadays, they are often linked to distance. If your spouse was born and raised in your country, there is no problem at all. However, if she comes from another country, you will face a couple of difficulties at the beginning.

After marriage, your woman won’t be able to move to your country at once, especially if she is from Eastern or Central Europe or another country where obtaining a visa to the USA is not that easy. She will need to prepare a whole package of documents for the embassy and wait for six months – two years until she is allowed to move.

Of course, you can invite her through a K-1 visa and get married in your country. It will still require traveling from one country to another until your bride gets her visa and comes to you. Traveling to meet each other from time to time is not difficult when you want to be together.

Many couples cannot handle distant relationships at the initial stage though and break up. Not to get disappointed and desperate about it, just weigh all the pros and cons and be patient. Patience and desire of your interracial marriage are enough to break through.


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One of the biggest challenges for interracial marriages is the condemnation of their families or society. Even though an interracial marriage is legal in the US and the rest of the world, not all families have a good attitude toward it.

Your or her relatives can be against your union and if you are close with your family, you should learn how to convince them they are wrong. Showing that you are happy with this person should persuade them but if not, you will need to cope with that. Not everyone can handle such pressure.

Another challenge is the disapproval of society. You both may face judgmental looks in the eyes of people in the streets and public places. Although we live in a highly developed world where everyone is free to choose a partner he or she wants, some people still judge, envy, and show that they do not like your choice.

You cannot do anything with that, just feel sorry for such members of our society. You are happy together and this is the only thing that matters.


Sooner or later, one of you moves to another country and most likely, it will be your wife. At first, you both are excited about it and happy together. However, some challenges are waiting for you later.

Your wife comes to a country where everything is unknown to her. You are the only person she knows and relies on. It is difficult for her because she may not even speak your language well and doesn’t have any friends or relatives in your country.

People moving to a foreign country often are homesick and may even cry from time to time and ask you to send her home. You should not be disappointed in that case or mad with your partner. Try to support her as much as you can.

She cannot work in your country for the first six months, so she stays at home all the time while you are at work. Arrange a hobby for her, possibility to attend some courses or gym, get in touch with people from her homeland who live in your area, etc. Do everything for your spouse to feel like at home.

Nothing is impossible

When you choose to marry someone from another country, you should be ready for certain problems. It can be difficult at times but nothing comes easy in life. Thanks to your patience, everything can be overcome.

Any relationship is a challenge, so do not think yours is more complicated than someone else’s. Interracial marriages are wonderful because you learn the cultures of each other, languages, and your children grow in the combination of two different worlds.

You have two different families from both sides and can afford to celebrate some holidays twice. Do not think of the challenges but the outcome. The latter is amazing.