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Live dating: the pros and cons

It is useless to deny that we live in the age of emojis, text messages, and sms. These things make our lives so much more convenient and easier. Real dating is replaced with live dating and people tend to meet each other online instead of meeting in reality and just talk.

Free live dating is an amazing way of meeting each other. Modern people simply cannot exist and communicate without it. However, there is a lot of disappointment in this digital world, so do not think that live dating will solve all your personal problems and arrange your life.

When it comes to live dating sites, it is necessary to be especially careful with your choice. The truth is not each live dating site will give you the desired results. If you are one of those individuals who prefer dating live instead of meeting someone traditionally, here is a full guide for you on how to succeed.

The advantages of live dating

Live dating is an extremely popular way of meeting our partners now. It saves time and opens many new opportunities. It is very convenient to meet someone just online. You always can use live dating and meet many single people in one place instead of searching for them in public places or asking your friends to arrange a date with someone suitable for you.

The advantages of live dating are multiple and for you to understand them better, check the following list and decide whether such a way of meeting someone will be appropriate for you or you may need to find an alternative option.


This is one of the biggest live chat dating benefits. When someone lacks the time essentially, going out and having one date after another is very complicated. You might work from home and do not socialize often.

Business owners or professionals like doctors or lawyers do not have a lot of time for socializing. In this case, dating live would solve that problem. You don’t have to spend time going out, asking someone for a phone number, or looking for places to date.

All you need is to register and start communication with single candidates. You can do it right from your office, on the go, or just on your phone when being in bed. Live dating is time-saving and no one can doubt that.

A wide choice of partners

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Another benefit of live dating is that all singles are gathered in one huge database. It means that you don’t have to go to the gym or club to meet someone. Moreover, you usually must guess who is single and who is not. It doesn’t even guarantee you will succeed.

When joining a live dating site for free, you know a priori that everyone in that huge crowd is single and interested in meeting a partner. This facilitates your process a lot. There are people of different nationalities, ages, weight, height, hair colors, body shapes, professions, religions, interests, etc.

You don’t have to find out what her interests and preferences are because it’s enough to just have a look at her profile. All information is written in her profile and you see at once whether you need to contact her or not. The database of singles is really huge on each site and you have a really great choice.

The possibility to get to know your match before the meeting

A great live dating advantage is a chance to get to know your partner really well before your first date. How is it possible? Everything is very easy. Before you meet in person, you communicate and get to know each other a lot.

In real life, you start getting to know your potential partner only starting from the very first date. You don’t know anything about this person and get to know her step by step. However, when dating live, you know nearly everything about your crush, and only after getting to know each other well, you arrange your first date.

You are not limited to locations

When dating someone in your city, you meet only local girls. You can easily choose live local dating or meet someone from another country. Yes, thanks to live dating, you can be not limited to a city, country, or even continent.

You are free to choose someone from any country you wish without even leaving your living room. Don’t worry if your crush doesn’t speak English. Many sites offer professional interpreters or in-built translation features.

How to have your first date in that case? No worries, you will need to travel to her country or invite her to your country. It is also possible to meet on a neutral territory where you both can come without any problems.

A wide range of services in one app or site

Most live dating sites offer an extremely huge number of various services. You can communicate not only through texts or messages but also in a live video chat. You are free to send winks, exchange media files, watch video messages, talk on Skype, and even send gifts.

A lot of sites assist in arranging your meetings, provide coaching sessions and many interesting and helpful blog posts to read and learn. You can get translator’s services for free and travel with their help.

Everything is done for the member’s comfort. If you are afraid of being limited to something and not having enough romance when dating live, you shouldn’t be. You can always order a gift for your crush online and be as romantic as you wish.

The disadvantages of live dating

The range of live dating pros is obvious. It looks like there is nothing better than this way of meeting your potential partner. However, there are a couple of drawbacks of such dating you must be aware of.

Nothing is perfect and there are both good and bad sides to live dating. Everyone chooses the way they are comfortable with. After weighing all the pros and cons, you should decide whether you should try this option or not.

The lack of real communication

Although dating on a live dating site is exciting and opens a lot of new opportunities to people of different nationalities, ages, social groups, and religions, it still cannot substitute real-life communication. Live video calls are great and allow you to speak and see your partner.

However, they cannot replace real communication to the fullest. For example, you cannot touch or smell your match. Everything we used to do when meeting in reality lacks when dating live. However, if you arrange the meeting as soon as possible, you can avoid this problem and hold hands with her very soon.

Safety issues

Unfortunately, live dating is dangerous because of a vast number of cyber crimes.  Fraudsters are everywhere and they are looking for trusting people. If you are easy to fall in love, they will get you trapped. Therefore, you must be very careful when picking this option.

Avoid providing your personal information to everyone. Do it only when being sure of the person. Meet only in public places for the first time and pay attention to many red flags. There are multiple red flags when it comes to live dating, so you should get more information about possible dangers and avoid them. You will find the information about them later in that post.

Long distance

Live dating is great when you start communication but when you must meet, it becomes a bit complicated. It’s ok if you have met someone locally. Local live dating has nothing to do with it. However, let’s imagine you met someone from another city, state, or even country.

In that case, arranging your first real meeting would take some time. If this doesn’t scare you, you can take a trip and meet your potential partner easily. However, if everything goes well between you and her, your relationship will be in distance for some time.

This is something that scares a lot of people. Distant relationships are a challenge for any couple and when picking live dating, be ready for it. Dating on distance is not easy and not each couple can cope with it. However, if your relationship is developing really well, you need to overcome it and wait until you both can live together in one place.

Live dating tips

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Live dating is cool, especially if you are a shy person and not very experienced in meeting women. If you lack the time significantly, you will also find it very helpful. You know about all the advantages and drawbacks of live dating now and can decide for yourself whether it is for you.

Giving it a try would be important probably because if you have never been successful in relationships, you must look for other options. Why not try it if it may help? Anyways, before doing it, check the tips below. It will allow you to succeed much sooner.

Work well on your live dating profile

When it comes to live dating, everyone believes that it will be much easier than in real life. If you also think you will find your match right after registration, you are wrong. Registering is not enough at all.

Just like in real life, you will need to invest a bit of time and effort into the process. Your decent profile is just the first step on the way to your happiness. Make sure to fill it in if you want to attract serious and relationship-oriented ladies.

Post good and recent photos. Complete your personal information and describe what kind of partner you want to meet. People must see your intentions and have at least a basic idea about what you are like.

If you have some specific requirements, for example, a woman of a certain religion or profession, a desire to have no kids, or vice versa, mention it in your profile to avoid misunderstandings in the future. It will also save your time and help you attract only the most suitable partners.

Pay attention to red flags

This concerns dishonest members. To avoid coming across them and being trapped, you should remember about red flags. For example, you want a live video chat while your crush refuses. This should concern you because you both must see each other and make sure you exist and look like in your profile.

Another red flag is when someone asks you to send money. No matter for what. Unknown people don’t ask for money and this is not normal. Do not even think to help financially your friend from a dating site even if her story seems to be really heartbreaking.

These are just a couple of the most popular ref flags you must pay attention to. Remember that if something concerns you, you must listen to your inner voice and intuition. Thus, the best piece of advice is to use live dating sites wisely staying cool-headed. Then nothing will spoil your awesome dating experience.