Is it worth looking for a wife on dating sites?

You might find your wife wherever you can, but a dating site is still the best platform when looking for a wife to marry. There are several rules you need to follow if you are looking for a wife online. Let’s review the most striking tips if you put the phrase «I am looking for a wife» into the Google search line. 

Rules when looking for a new wife:

Rule 1. Do not rush.

If you are looking for a wife to marry in the USA, you would better slow down for a while. Take your time to figure out what kind of wife you are looking for. Just a nice appearance is not enough if you want to marry a woman. There must be a list of qualities for you to seek in your potential wife. For example, you might create a list of qualities of your perfect match. It might be such features as intelligence, politeness, faith, and so on. Hustle and bustle are taboo when you are looking for a wife to marry. Be wise and dedicate some time to figuring out the type of girl you are dreaming about.

Rule 2. Ask your friends for some pieces of advice.

Your best friends might know you best. You would better ask them to tell you what kind of girl is the most suitable for you. For instance, they might say that your perfect wife must be a good cook or dress nicely, or she should be as kind as your mother. Ask them to share their opinion with you. In most cases, they would be right.

Rule 3. Analyze your past.

The past is the best teacher. If you analyze what kind of women you have been attracted to in your past and why, you will soon realize the type of girl you should be looking for in the next relationship. All your exes might have some things in common. Take your time to figure out what exactly were the things you liked in them so much. Make your past be your best teacher and friend.

Rule 4. Develop your character.

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If you want to find the ideal candidate, you should match her. It means that you should be perfect, too. If you are dreaming of a charming lady, you should be precisely the Mr. Right. You might write down a list of qualities that your perfect wife must have in one column and add the outstanding features of character that her ideal candidate must have. Doing this, you will understand what kind of personality you should be to attract your charming lady. Practice it for a while and work on your character to match her expectations.

Rule 5. Be active.

If you want to be happy in relationships, you should be a leader for your potential wife. Therefore, it is not her to be looking for a partner, but it must be you looking for a wife. You must be active in your search and do not give up. The ability to be patient and wait for the right time and person to come into your life is vital. Being patient does not mean that you should not be active. Just seek, knock on the door, and someone will open it to you. Make sure you are knocking on the right door, though.

Rule 6. Be patient.

The first thing all men are looking for in relationships is sex. It is quite evident from the very beginning. However, sex is not all men need in marriage. They must also find a good friend to share their happiness, joy, or pain. It is good to find sexy women, but do not focus too much on the girl’s beauty. Take into account other features. For instance, you might seek a good listener or a loyal person.

Rule 7. Get ready for challenges.

Your love story does not end up on the wedding day. On the contrary, your love story starts on the day when you get married. Be prepared for many challenges on your way. The road of marriage is always bumpy. You should be ready for it, and sometimes you need to stretch your character, be flexible, develop your personality. Marriage is the best way for both people who are in love to become more mature and grow. Do not be afraid of difficulties because marriage is a blessing overall.

Rule 8. Make sure you share similar beliefs.

Faith is a fundamental criterion for every couple. If two people have different beliefs, their marriage will be a disaster. You would better ask your potential wife whether and in what she is a believer. For instance, you should be together and plan a common future if you are both atheists, Christians, and so on. No way one of you is atheist while the other is Christian because such a marriage is likely to end up in divorce. It seems that faith is not an important factor initially, but you will reap the fruits of it later.

Rule 9.  Check out whether she is successful.

Success means a different thing for various people. However, a woman, as well as a man, must be successful before you marry. It is wrong to think that you will become successful in the future when you marry someone. In general, all the success we have is multiplied when we get married. It means if you have had zero success before marriage, it will be zero when you get married.

Not only should a man use his talents and become a professional to be a breadwinner, but a woman must also think about the future as well. Moreover, a woman is a person who should use her talents and gifts as well as her man because she might be happy because of it. As long as it is a must for both man and woman to be happy before marriage, they should both know how to earn more to succeed as a couple.

Rule 10. Love her.

It might seem obvious that a man must love a woman if he is looking for a wife. However, some men are focused too much on sexual attraction and the girl’s appearance that they forget about love. Love is not sex only. Love is a complete acceptance of another person you like. Sex is only a part of such an endorsement on a physical level. 

However, there is also the girl’s soul that a man should know very well before he proposes. It is essential to learn her character and figure out whether she loves you as well. Love is not love when only one person loves, and the other person accepts it. Love is a mutual feeling of both the partners towards each other. Ideally, a man should love both the outer and inner part of his bride. 

Are dating websites good for looking for a new wife?

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Yes, they are. You may find there a wide variety of possible candidates to win their hearts. Most of them are in search of the same things. Therefore, before you find the ideal partner, you would better become a perfect partner yourself. 

Many women are experienced enough to tell whether you suit her even after a few messages they receive from you. Make sure your intentions, motives, and grammar are right when you write a message to her. Polish your writing by proofreading the things you wrote in a message to her. 

Do not be too pushy and insist on sex after the first date in-person because she might think that you are not serious. Sex is good, but most women want it to start only in marriage. If you do not want to hurt her feelings, you would better be patient and wait till the right time. 

How to find love looking for a wife on dating sites?

 First of all, you should be straightforward. For instance, you would better mention in your profile that you are looking for long-term relationships. Secondly, you should take your time to seek the appropriate woman. Specify the criteria of the ideal woman’s profile and wait till the system provides you with results. There might be several girls with similar features. Begin to write to the first one you find the most attractive. Do not be afraid to write the message first because this is a thing a normal girl is looking for and expecting from a man.