7 Reasons not to marry real mail order brides

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We bet you have heard a lot about mail order brides while they are one of the most desired women. Gentlemen from different countries keep searching for their best mail order brides to bring them to their countries.

This is a wonderful option of meeting a woman and it gives a chance to all men to find a lady in any country of the world. Thousands of people meet through mail order sites and build wonderful international families.

However, looking for such a lady is connected with a range of challenges and you might not be able to face and overcome them. To facilitate the process of your search and creating relationships with your potential bride, we have created the following guide.

Below, you will find out why dating and marrying a mail order bride might not be for you. Learn the information and make weighty decisions.

1. Long-distance relationships 

Let’s say you decided to find one of the Ukrainian mail order brides. This is a great choice and you will definitely become one of the happiest men on Earth. Such a wife will be beautiful, feminine, smart, active, loving, and caring.

Do not forget she lives in Ukraine though. If you do not know where Ukraine is situated — it is in Central-Eastern Europe. If you live miles away, you both will need to travel to meet more often. You come to Ukraine, she comes to your country, or you both decide to meet somewhere in the middle for vacations.

It is not as difficult as it may seem at once and who really wants to build a relationship, they will do it even when a long distance is in between. Before starting the process of mail-order bride search, you should be prepared that distance will be one of the obstacles to overcome.

Eventually, one of you will move to another country but before it happens, you both must be ready to face a wide string of document and visa issues and meetings from time to time.

2. Language and cultural barriers  

When looking for a bride online, most likely you want to meet a lady from another country or even continent. Many Slavic mail order brides can speak English and other languages, especially those from big cities.

Still, many girls might not speak even English. No worries, there is no big problem in it while we know multiple stories when wives and husbands haven’t spoken any common language when they got married.

As a future husband, you should pay for language lessons for your lady. You both must feel comfortable when meeting without an interpreter. Depending on the culture of your mail order bride, the culture will differ from yours.

It is another problem and if you are not ready to learn the peculiarities of her culture, customs, and traditions, you shouldn’t even start the process. It is difficult yet exciting and if you are patient enough and willing to learn, then you will succeed.

3. You are not generous

Once you decide to browse the mail order brides’ catalogue, get ready for certain expenses. Mail-order brides sites are not free and not cheap. Lots of people and efforts are involved in the process and if you want to have a beautiful, loyal, and educated lady by your side, you will have to pay.

Not only is the searching process expensive but also your relationship with your woman. Travels, gifts, visa preparation — all that isn’t cheap. Keep in mind that Russian mail order brides cannot stand greedy men. You can call them all gold-diggers but it is not really true.

In Slavic culture, men provide for their women and even in the process of dating, they by all means show how generous they are by paying all the dating bills, tickets, taxis, sending gifts, etc. Moreover, these girls can provide for themselves pretty well, so if you are not ready to do it, they might not need such a man. Thus, if you count every penny explaining it by saving money for your common future, forget about mail order brides and better find a woman in your country.

4.You do not care how you look like

Why are you looking for a mail order bride? Probably, because you want a beautiful, young, feminine, fit, and well-cared lady with great family values. Now think what you can offer to her in return. If you are in the prime of your life, attend the gym, wear tidy clothes, and do your hair every month, then you have all chances.

If not, then better do not try. Yes, we all know that Slavic women may marry men despite the significant age gap but it doesn’t mean that they want to marry scruffy guys who never look in the mirror. A man in their understanding is stately and confident, the one who knows how to present himself and impress a woman.

There is no need to grow your muscles every day or shop expensive haute-couture clothes. Try to be in line with your woman at least. Just like you want to enjoy her youth and beauty, she wants to enjoy your aesthetic side.

If you don't really care about such things and believe that only your inner world matters, then better forget about a mail order bride because everything will hardly end up with marriage. Unless you want her to marry you only for the sake of money.

5. You believe gentlemen exist only in movies

If you browse the sites where you can find mail order brides, you will notice that most of them are Slavic, Baltic, and Eastern European ladies. The culture in these countries is drastically different from yours and the dating culture isn’t an exception.

They believe men must behave as real gentlemen. Yes, we all know how obedient women in those countries can be but only when they trust you and after their heart is conquered. You cannot do it with your words or empty promises.

Do not tell your mail order bride how much you will care for her, how much you will love her, and how many gifts she will receive when she becomes your wife. These are just words and real mail order brides do not believe them.

They know a man must care for them and conquer them always and you should start the process much earlier than you marry. Send her gifts, pay the dating bills, see her off home, open the doors for her, give your hand, be romantic, spontaneous, and supportive at the stage of getting to know each other.

Mail order brides live right now and not tomorrow. If you are not a gentleman today then how can you be tomorrow? If you are not ready to behave this way and prove that you really like and need your lady then better do not start.

6. You are sure that you are her lifesaver

One of the biggest stereotypes about real mail order brides is that all of them join dating sites to marry a foreigner the soonest and run away from their terrible life. Most guys are very surprised when being refused because it simply cannot happen. What went wrong if you were a foreign savior who came to help her escape from her poor country?

Everything is quite simple, this is just a myth and ladies on dating sites cannot stand such an attitude of foreigners. What would you say if you learn that only 10% of Russian women are ready and willing to marry foreigners? Not that much, huh?

These ladies are not so poor, desperate, and miserable as you may think. They have a good education, careers, hobbies, etc. Their life is not that bad. Most of these girls join dating sites because of demographic situations or after heavy divorces.

Escaping from their good life is not their reason. They have families, friends, and their own life in their countries and the majority of them are happy with it. Therefore, if you believe she will marry you just to move to your country and will be honored to be saved, you risk ending up with nothing.

7. It requires patience

Impatient people have nothing to catch on mail order brides sites. The process is not just costly but also time-consuming. The fact that you subscribed to one of the sites, created a profile, and paid for your membership doesn’t guarantee you a wife.

Mail-order brides catalogues are teeming with various ladies from different corners of the globe but they are not goods you can just purchase. Apart from investing money, you need to invest time, effort, and attention.

Do not think everything happens in an eye blink and you find your match after creating a profile. The process is not different from real-life dating and you might communicate with many women and spend much time until you find the one.

Different personalities, interests, and expectations also happen when it comes to mail-order brides while all of us are human beings. Are you patient enough and ready to invest time? Then go ahead and try your luck with a wonderful lady!