The benefits and drawbacks of

dating a married woman

Married women dating sounds like something incredible. Why would a married woman see someone? Is that real? Yes, there are different situations in life and very often, married women date men and single men date women who already have a spouse.

You should understand that dating married women is not only exciting but sometimes, quite dangerous. It is up to you whether to date someone else’s wife or not, but here is everything you should know about married women dating.

Are there any dating sites for married women?

Yes, you might be surprised but such dating sites really exist. They are created specifically for married people in search of dating. Every member on such sites is registered for just one purpose, and the good thing is that you don’t have to search for a married woman among hundreds or thousands of others. All candidates are married and registered there just for small affairs.

Of course, it is not very good, taking into account the ethical side of such dating. Married people should not date anyone but their spouses. You should understand that by doing it, you interfere with someone’s family and may hurt someone. Always keep that in mind before starting a relationship with someone’s wife.

Dating websites for married women are convenient and helpful for individuals searching for affairs and hookups. Needless to say, they are useless for people in search of a long-lasting relationship. You will not find any lady for a serious relationship or long-lasting affair because all of them are looking for a disposable relationship.

The pros and cons of dating married women

Lots of guys want to find married women for dating because they consider it to be prestigious and would love to raise their self-esteem. Of course, they can boast about their achievements and let their friends know they managed to seduce a married woman.

Lots of men see many advantages in dating a married woman regardless of many risks they can come across. If you are one of those gentlemen pursuing married women dating and want to know what kind of benefits you may get out of it and what the drawbacks are, check the information below and make your decision.

The cons of dating a married woman

Dating for married women is a sort of salvation. They run away from husbands they don’t love but for some reason cannot divorce. They keep living in marriage and have a relationship apart from it. This is not right, but that’s life and everyone has their reasons for it.

A lot of guys believe that married women have a lot of sexual experience and they prefer dating such girls. This is one of the main reasons. There is another reason though — they just want some adrenaline and thrill in a relationship. This is what dating wives of other men brings them.

Many guys are ok with having no obligations. They do not search for any serious relationship and a married woman is perfect for that. If you are not going to be obliged to someone, in case you avoid marriage or engagement, and just a committed relationship, a married woman will solve that problem and make you feel comfortable.

Married women do not need any obligations either. They already have a marriage and have a husband. The only thing they need is some rest and relaxation. This is possible to reach with such guys like you. These are, perhaps, all the advantages of dating married women. Let us see what the disadvantages are.


One of the drawbacks of a relationship with married women is the necessity to hide all the time. You cannot meet in public places because someone may see you. Your relationship must always be kept in secret.

At first, it all seems even romantic. You must hide like schoolboys and girls and nothing matters for you. However, with time, everything changes. You may want a normal relationship. You would love to date like normal people do — walk in the parks, go to the cafes, cinema, etc.

However, you cannot do it and realize that something goes wrong. Your relationship doesn’t go anywhere and it stops bringing joy. Fears to be seen appear over everything else and you both are tired of that.


When you date a married woman, you must realize that her husband doesn’t know about it even if she ensures you of something else. Married people often say that their marriage doesn’t exist anymore and that they are married on paper only.

You will hear that her husband has his own life, they do not even sleep together, and each of them leads his own life. You will be very surprised to know that in most cases, these talks are not true. Most often, people lie about it and when their spouses find out about cheating, they get mad.

Thus, you must be prepared for meeting her crazy and betrayed husband who will get mad after learning about her betrayal. You never know what people can do in that situation, so you take a lot of risks. Be careful when starting to date a married woman. You can meet her husband anytime.

Who knows what he can do to you. By the way, a lion’s share of murders is committed by betrayed husbands. It means that such a relationship may cost your health and even life. Think twice before getting into it all.

You ruin a family

Dating married men or women is never good. No matter why they start such affairs, they have families, maybe even children. Each marriage can go through difficulties but it doesn’t mean you must interfere to make her happy. This woman may have hard times right now, she just needs some time to determine her feelings and overcome the difficulties.

Unfortunately, if you come up right at that time, she may jump into a passion and consider you to be her salvation. You don’t know her situation and have no idea what is going on. Her husband may be a miserable person who wants to get her back while she starts her affair with you. Think of their children who will also suffer in this situation.

Always, before starting this affair, think about the family you ruin. All people have a choice and if you can avoid this, consider doing it.

Your crush may just compare her husband to you

Just like you may raise your self-esteem by dating a woman who betrayed her husband for your sake, your date may do the same. A woman may boost her self-esteem with your help. For example, when she experiences difficulties with her husband, she wants to prove to herself and her spouse that she can be desired by other men.

There is another side of the problem. Women sometimes cheat on their husbands for comparison. They simply want to compare their spouses with other men. Would you like to be used for that purpose? It is not the best feeling for a man when a woman uses him for her dirty purposes, is it?

Before starting a relationship with a married woman, you should think well about her motivation. Why does she want to date you and what are her reasons? Remember that and always weigh all the pros and cons.

A relationship leading nowhere

Regardless of what your married woman says about her husband, dating this way is hopeless because it will never lead to any relationship. The truth is married women don’t leave their husbands no matter how bad their relationship is.

They find lovers exactly when having a crisis in their marriage. Once this crisis is gone and something improves, she will return back home at once. Moreover, when it starts, she tries to get rid of her lover by all means.

If you fall in love with a married woman, you have no future. This relationship will never result in anything good. She gets back to her spouse while you are left with a broken heart. Think about whether you need a relationship that will not take you anywhere.

You just waste your time. Dating a married woman can last one month, year, or a couple of years but it will never last life. Do you need these empty years?

You always play the second role

When dating a married woman, you all the time compete with her husband. For example, he makes gifts for her. It takes money and a lot of financial investments. You must be better and want to impress her more. You spend more money to show you love her more.

This is an endless game for the attention and heart of one lady. Do you really want to have a competitor? It is inevitable in a married relationship. Moreover, regardless of how many battles you win, you will never win the war. You will never be her number one.

After spending nights with you, your married date will return home to her husband. When being in such a relationship, you must put up with the idea of playing the second role in her life. This is not the best role for a man who wants to have a relationship and family!