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It’s a well-known fact that today’s society suffers from a lack of communication in real life. The virtual world with tons of data has swallowed the majority of us. We are constantly checking news feeds and direct messages on various social webs even when we are already busy with work or something else. That’s why it became difficult to start a relationship or at least ask for a date. We just have to time and no opportunity to stop for a minute and pay attention to those who are near us. This is a problem that can be fatal for men. Single men often give up on living and become lazy, unconfident, and pathetic. 

We decided to use the internet as an advantage and benefit from it. With the help of our service, people now can forget about communication problems and broaden their possibilities because the internet has no borders. This means we can connect with other single people, no matter how far they are, combining it with whatever we do. And we’d like to make you familiar with some working processes of the service to help you find a soulmate!

Internet VS Real life

Not all of us realize the advantages of online dating. It’s caused by the lack of knowledge and the presence of strange prejudgments, such as the one when people believe that free services are a fairytale to trick you. To solve this confusing situation, you should read some facts about this phenomenon. They are not necessarily flattering — they are just facts, and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s good or bad. Anyway, look at what you can get:

  • Free to use. To be 100% honest, the site is free to sign up for only, which doesn’t mean you can use it for free. You should pay to use certain functions and get results. However, you can try everything from the very start without paying for it. That’s called the «Trial version». Don’t think that there are no absolutely free resources on the internet. Websites get their revenue in many various ways today. One of the most popular is advertising.
  • Community. Do you know that Slavic girls are beautiful? We bet you know this! And you should also know how difficult it is to find a Russian or Ukrainian woman in Europe or America. This site is full of them! You don’t even have to leave your comfortable armchair to meet a beauty here. 
  • Anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to deal with circumstances and change your plans: with the help of the well-adapt mobile version, you are able to use the site no matter where you are. You will never lose contact with your new friends.
  • Search. One of the most mind-blowing features that you can’t imagine in real life is the possibility to filter people. This allows you to find the partner of your dreams just by clicking different buttons. In a few moments!
  • No risks. This is the last fact on this list but not the last one in general. To calm your fears connected with safety issues, just look at the security system of the service. You are fully protected with the most reliable measures: SSL encryption, verification, a dedicated team of moderators, and so on.

Is it complicated to become a member?

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If you want to meet girls for free on our platform, you simply should pass the most straightforward registration ever. Open the homepage and you will see the sign-up form. Fill it in with the necessary information. That’s it — you are a member now. Check the email you have provided to complete verification by confirming the email address.

The amount of information you supplied the site’s administration yet is not enough to start dating. Imagine if you found a person without a profile picture, photos, personal details, and other stuff. Would you like it? So make a few extra minutes to fill in your profile with the most important facts about you: physical attributes, interests, habits, and so on. Pay attention to every field not to miss something. This is crucial to ensure an enjoyable experience for all members including yourself. Plus, this is needed to make the search works properly, which is also pretty helpful for you and other almost desperate singles on the site.

Keep it in mind

As you are the one who is looking for a partner to build a long-term relationship with, you should understand how important it is to ensure the proper work of the service. We want to help you with this task. We have gathered several useful life hacks that will improve the work of the platform:

  • Profile. The first time you may face complications is upon filling your profile. You already know that it’s better not to skip any fields here. Also, we recommend you to work on your photos, try to tell only positive facts about yourself, not to lie, and keep the information up to date.
  • Premium features. All paid features can facilitate the process of searching for a partner multiple times. They are not that expensive, so it’s better to try them to make your own attitude.
  • Feedback. It’s essential to report violations and submit inquiries about technical issues. This helps the administration to keep the community clean and to fix any possible problems, making the site a better place.

Dating a girl on the internet

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You must be curious about what you should do to make a Russian or Ukrainian girl like you. Especially when it comes to online dating! Are there some peculiarities you have to take into consideration? Do you have to find an individual approach? For the majority of these questions, the answer is «Yes». The point is that meeting someone on the internet is really not the same as meeting a person in real life. In addition to this, Slavic culture differs a bit from the Western one. Women from Slavic countries have interesting views, beliefs, and traditions that may change a lot to you. Learn how to communicate with Russian and Ukrainian women on Sofia Date:

  • Messages. Your main tool to communicate here is the messenger. Use it for 100%. This means that you put maximum effort into making up sentences. Text can’t be as emotional as a real person, so you have to make it full of exciting things to keep your conversation alive and interesting. 
  • Themes. Slavic culture is a bit more conservative, which is not usual for Europeans and Americans. This can become a reason for a conflict situation. Try to avoid themes like religion, politics, and so on. We don’t say that it’s taboo, but these topics are not the best for dating.
  • Language. Russian as well as Ukrainian is one of the most difficult languages to learn. It would be great if you can speak one of these languages someday, but we suggest you learn at least a few words or use a translator to talk with girls in their native languages. Almost all of them know English, but they would be flattered by such an act.
  • Creativity. Don’t forget to be unique. This quality is crucial in the question of flirting. There are thousands of people on the site, and they all look alike from the first view. If you want to make girls pay attention to you, think up a unique pickup line or presentation of yourself. Be creative! 
  • Etiquette. The last but not the least important rule is the golden rule of all times. Be polite and treat other people like you want them to treat you. This is an indelible part of establishing a good relationship between two people.


It could be scary to try something new and change your life. But you should realize that these are good changes that will make you happier! A life full of love is a good life that needs nothing more. Look at how easy it is to find a partner on our dedicated service. We are glad to share all this information and all these possibilities with you and other people. If you have single friends or colleagues who are struggling with loneliness, tell them you know the way out. 

Simple registration, intuitive interface, large community — that’s what you will find here. How much does it cost? A few minutes of your life to see on your own if you like it. You can join us and build a wonderful relationship with a suitable person or you can close this page and forget about what you have read. You are the one who rules your life!