All you must know about Muslim dating

Regardless of all the beliefs and stereotypes, Muslim people are dating, getting married, and having fun. Although Islam is the second most popular religion after Christianity, you cannot see too many Muslim dating sites. People following that religion have their values and expectations and you have to know about them before starting your dating process.

Learning top rules and principles is a must while you cannot behave with a Muslim lady as you used to with women in your country. Western culture is quite different and it is necessary to respect the attitude and traditions of people of other cultures and religions.

Unlike you might have thought, people of the Muslim religion live not only in Arabic and Asian locations but all over the globe and in the West, as well. If you plan to date a Muslim woman, read the following guide and check the main tips to succeed.

5 Helpful Muslim dating tips

You cannot simply come to a Muslim girl and ask her for a date, this won’t be welcomed and appreciated. Moreover, you will be considered a rude and poor-mannered guy. Getting acquainted with a lady of that religion requires your specific knowledge, patience, and tolerance.

Also, the way you should act when it comes to dating a Muslim girl depends on what country she is from. You can hardly come to an Arab or Asian country and start dating single ladies there. Moreover, it is forbidden.

However, if you come to such a country as Albania where half of the population is Muslim, you will face the opposite situation. Local girls are open to date and marry foreign guys regardless of their religion. In modern and very developed cities in different Muslim countries, everything is much easier also, lots of local women are happily married to foreigners.

No matter what country you choose for your dating, the tips below concern all the ladies of Islam religion, and if you do not want to seem arrogant and tactless, you should stick to them.

Traditional Muslim girls cannot marry men of other religions

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Before you even start the process, it would be good to know that if you are not Muslim, dating such a lady would be quite problematic. As above-mentioned, it is a bit different in less traditional Muslim countries and women from Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Albania, and many other countries even to date and marry men of other faith.

As a rule, it happens with ladies from big cities that are not so conservative about religion and relationships in general while in smaller cities and villages, people still stick to the ancient laws and traditions and are very strict about it.

You should anyways know that in very traditional countries, Muslim men are allowed to marry women of other religions while females are not. The girls in such countries are allowed to marry Muslim men only not to mention dating.

Thus, if you are a Muslim and want to marry a Christian or Jewish girl, for example, it is not forbidden. If you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc., you will hardly succeed in dating a Muslim girl. Such cases are rare but they still happen in less conservative countries.

No intimate talks

In the Western and Slavic culture, people can date for fun, change their partners, try new relationships, experiment, break up, etc. It is normal for both men and women in many countries. Intimate conversations are just a part of flirt.

Muslim girls cannot come for a date without a chaperone who controls the date. Once again, it happens in very traditional countries. As you probably know, most Muslims do not have any intimate relationships before marriage, especially women.

Thus, if you appear for a date and touch the topic of temptation, or start writing this to a woman in correspondence or mention on the phone, you offend her and make her feel bad. Although many Muslims have changed their residence nowadays and do not follow most of those traditions, such talks are still inappropriate for them.

If you do not want to make a wrong impression, try to be modest and avoid making your woman feel embarrassed. Such topics as well as intimate relationships are sacred for the majority of Muslim people.

Try Muslim online dating

Nowadays, there are enough Muslim dating websites. All of those singles who join them are ready for relationships, dating, and marriage, and they are not followed by stereotypes or judgments.

There are plenty of free Muslim dating sites as well as the paid ones. Finding what you are looking for is absolutely not difficult, especially if you’re also Muslim. Do not worry if you are of another faith because, on such dating sites, you can browse the profiles of ladies and check their requirements.

This way, you can find women who are not too religious and accept men of other faiths. Some girls might be looking for men of other religions on purposes. The good thing is that you can check it at once and get in touch with those women who are really looking for someone like you. It facilitates the process a lot.

Do not be afraid of Muslim women

Lots of guys are simply afraid of them and believe their rules and traditions are too strict to cope with. Lots of Muslim guys are attracted to women from other countries and marry them often while Muslim girls are more traditional. Even in that case, there is nothing to be scared of.

We bet you see a lot of Muslim girls in your country and you know how modern and great they are. They are not limited to any boundaries or prejudice. They are beautiful, feminine, wear nice and trendy clothing, drive cars, and prefer wearing make-up. A lot of them even wear high heels.

If you attend the gym, you can meet lots of such girls there. They travel, are educated, build careers, and even hold leading positions. Modern Muslim ladies go and chill out, date, kiss and hug in public and are open to relationships with foreign guys.

Dating such a girl is honorable and you can be sure she will make a perfect wife. You shouldn’t have any prejudice or fears.

You should be family-oriented

Muslims do no date for fun or intimacy. Their main goal is to create a family, thus, if you do not have any serious intentions, better do not even try. A Muslim lady doesn’t see any sense in dating you if you are not serious about her.

You should show that your intentions are real, pure, genuine, and you must really mean it. Muslim women date only for the sake of serious relationships and family and if you cannot give it and just want to have fun, they simply do not need you. Expressing your sincerity is a must.

Western Muslim dating

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You could meet a lot of Muslims in your country and maybe you have noticed they were not as traditional as their counterparts in the East. In traditional Muslim couples, their parents take care of weddings. Halal dating allows dating as you used to imagine in the western world.

They use Muslim dating sites, see people casually, go on dates, and arrange their personal lives just like you do. They develop careers and build their relationships as they want. Western Muslims do not hurry to marry and live a steady and full life. Yes, they are still traditional about family values but not that strict about dating and marriage.

When dating a western Muslim girl, you should be ready that she believes in Allah, she is still not dating for fun but meeting a life partner, and seeing you in public places — this means safety for her. Muslim girls do not wear sexy and open clothes for their dates, everything is quite modest.

You should also avoid flirting and physical contact while it is still not appreciated. Even western Muslim girls do not have intimacy before marriage and you must respect and accept it.

What else you should know

Although these girls are very modest and never open to unknown men, they still prefer direct men. It means that you should show everything with your actions instead of words. For example, you liked a Muslim girl, then show this to her.

Muslim girls also like men who have a sense of humor and if they like a guy, they will accept your invitation for a date and spend time with you in public. She can even spend time alone with you but remember that flirting and intimate talks are not appropriate. Be modest and respect her feelings and traditions.

Of course, these ladies are far more traditional than your local girls and chivalry is a must with them. In their culture, men do everything for women, and the latter live and do not have any headache of how to earn, how to provide for themselves and children, what to wear, etc. They are fully protected by their men.

This is exactly what they are looking for — safety and confidence in their partner and future. If you are just a chatterbox who doesn’t have a steady job or has no idea of how to make a living, you have no chances. A real man is what they are looking for no matter whether for dating or marriage.

The bottom line

Muslim dating can be great unlike many people think. It is pure, genuine, and it leads to family creation. Entertainment isn’t the goal of Muslim women and men but marriage and family. You will never meet Muslim women in night clubs or attending noisy parties because they are not interested in that.

Before you even think of it, learn her origin and traditions. Their preferences and customs might differ depending on where they are born and raised. Keep in mind that she might need to pray up to five times a day and you must be ready for it and respect it.

During some religious festivals, she might not be out, so you do not have to ask her about it. Drinking alcohol and eating pork is her taboo, so try not to ask her why and not to do it on your dates also. If you pursue casual dating, better do not look for a Muslim girl while this is not what she can give you.

After all, these challenges are not too difficult and if you are really interested in such a girl, you will have a very beautiful relationship with the most loyal and devoted girl in the world.