The pros and cons of dating older women

While older men pursue dating younger girls, younger guys strive to date older women. Have you ever thought about what attracts them in mature ladies? If you are a bit scared to date them, you should know that you lose a unique chance in your life.

Older women dating is full of its perks and any man can be happy when involved in it. Still doubt? Then find out who wins the big battle — youth or maturity.

The perks of dating an older woman

Young boys are often attracted to older ladies and they have some good reasons for that. We always search for something we lack in life, ourselves, or relationships. Older men often lack youth and thus, long for dating younger girls.

Young men are fed up with the girls’ antics and want someone quieter, wiser, and more mature. They can get all that from older ladies but these are not all the perks of dating them. Below, you will see how you can benefit from your relationship with an older lady.

Extremely hot and beautiful

older women dating

Do not think that only girls in their 20s and 30s can be hot and impress men with their beauty. Any age has its joys. A woman is like good wine — the older, the better. This is really true. With age, her beauty is even better, and acquires new shades.

Youth is cool but if you look at them at any dating site for older women, you will notice how great they are. They carry themselves with dignity and take care of everything — face, hand, hair, body. These ladies look stunning and have amazing bodies.

Women acquire their style when getting older and none of the younger girls can have it. If you browse their profiles, you will see how gorgeous they look and you will never find their peculiarity in 20-year-olds.

Men who pick older ladies make the right choice and know why they are doing it. Their age is not their disadvantage but vice versa and you cannot deny it.

Sexually experienced

One of the most attractive features of older women is their experience in intimate relationships. It is an undeniable fact and none of their younger counterparts can boast of it. This is why young men prefer dating older women.

Their experience in sexual life is very appealing. While you need to teach your younger girlfriends everything in a bedroom, an older woman can teach you many tricks you could not even imagine.

Lots of them are divorced and have many years of relationships under their belts and know what a man wants. Such a woman deserves the highest accolades. When opting for dating older women, you will never have problems with her in intimate life and this is one of the best things about mature ladies.

They are called cougars and there are some really good reasons for that. You must know that women reach their sexual peak much later than men.

Know what they want

Have you ever faced a young girl having no idea of her needs and wants? Today she wants one thing from you, tomorrow the opposite. It will never happen when dating older women. They have gone through some relationships, disappointments, and failures.

Such ladies clearly realize what they need from their partners and what they by no means want in their relationships. Everything is clear and precise with them. You should not guess what if she wants this or that. She will tell you directly.

Keep in mind that they prefer men who are also accurate in their intentions and desires. If you doubt your needs or expectations, better do not sign up with a site for dating older women. You will hardly succeed with them.

Secure and independent

As a rule, a woman in her golden age is already independent. She has a good education, job, career, hobbies, and is well-established in life. She is not looking for a sponsor but a partner. Of course, a successful lady will never date a loser. She doesn’t want to be a mommy or a babysitter for her man.

Thus, if you want to date an older, independent, financially secure lady, you must not be worse. They cannot allow wasting their time on those who cannot provide and take care of themselves. After all, they are women and want to feel this way regardless of their independence.


Wisdom is an undeniable benefit of older ladies. A wise lady who knows how to solve any conflict and not to lead to it at all is a treasure. Older women are not drama queens, unlike younger girls. They will never create any scenes, especially in public.

Wisdom comes with age. Young girls cannot possess it due to their age, they cannot be mature also. Maturity is about making weighty and reasonable decisions, supporting your man, and never making dramas out of nothing.

Of course, not each older woman can be wise. This feature also is inherent not to everyone. Some people in their 60s and 70s still cannot boast about wisdom or maturity and behave like kids. In most cases though, older single women know well how to behave with their men and how to solve the problem without dramas.

Marriage is not their priority

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When dating a younger girl, you often feel pressured to get married. Girls live in their dreams and wish to meet their prince the soonest. The very first boyfriend is always considered as a potential husband. After some time of being in a relationship, she will induce you to marry her.

She was dreaming of this day starting from her childhood and it must invariably be special. Get ready to pay a fortune for her to feel the happiest and most beautiful bride at her wedding. When dating an older woman, you won’t have that challenge though.

Usually, after a difficult divorce, older ladies are not looking for marriage anymore. Some of them do not even want serious relationships and are satisfied with a simple fling. They do not want dramas, obligations, etc., and are looking for something easy, light, and hassle-free.

Even in serious relationships, they do not hurry to get married. Moreover, they do not need any expensive weddings. Long-lasting relationships are what they are looking for and older women will not turn dating into marriage. They do not need to make things more complicated.

Have no problem to come to meet you overseas

If you meet your older woman on a dating site and she is from another country, you will need to meet her in person in some time. Young girls insist on meeting in their country for the first and even second time. They are afraid and do not have any wish to pay effort, they want you to do everything.

Older ladies do not have such a problem and as a rule, they have no issues with coming to another country for a meeting. This shows only their maturity and readiness to do efforts just like you do. Older women often have grown children who live their lives, so they do not have to look for babysitters while meeting you. This is another benefit of dating older women.

No control

You know how girls love controlling men. When dating a young woman, you probably faced this problem. They always want to know everything about you and control each of your steps. Jealousy is their best friend.

Older women are much easier; they do not want to control you because they are too busy for that. Wasting time on suspects and dramas is not for them.

Older women dating drawbacks

Apart from multiple benefits, there surely are certain disadvantages of dating an older woman:

  • You must be confident enough. Mature women cannot stand unconfident men, so you must be sure of your needs and wishes. They are not going to babysit anyone. They are real and confident women and need such men as well.
  • You won’t impose your opinion. Some guys love manipulating and young girls are better in that case. An older woman will not obey. Even if you think she does, she will end this connection very soon and very wisely. You won’t even guess what’s wrong. Trying to control her is a no-no.
  • They are too independent. Older women do not control you but do not allow you to control them, too. Be ready for her not to tell you where she was, with whom, and what she was doing. They cannot stand interrogations.


Dating older women is a whole bunch of benefits. It is up to you whether to choose youth or maturity. Just know that there is nothing in older women you should be afraid of. Their sexuality and appearances are not worse and sometimes, even better than those of young girls.

Older women are much more understanding and ready for compromises; they do not like any dramas and do not cause them as well. If you are an adult, mature man, you must choose women who comply with you. Only in that case, you can be really happy and satisfied with your dating.