STD-positive dating: why you should try

Nowadays, you can meet hundreds or even thousands of dating sites for people of various social groups, needs, interests, religions, etc. It’s no wonder there are dating sites for STD-positive singles as well.

It may be very scary for you to start dating when you have such a diagnosis but it is important to know that you are not alone and life is not over because of that. Many people date, marry, and even have children in such situations.

It means that you can join them and start your path in positive dating. It may not be that easy but still possible and very rewarding.

Life keeps going

Being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease is not the best even in your life. You may be desperate, lost, and stop believing in your own value. Do not hurry to do that though. First of all, realize that you are not the only person on Earth having such a problem. There are thousands of people who have experienced the same shock one day.

Secondly, do not forget at what age you live. This is the era of innovative technologies and the best medicine ever. The majority of viruses and illnesses can be treated even if it may sound impossible.

Yes, you have faced a very unpleasant thing but no one says you have to put up and start a hermit’s life. Look around — life is full of amazing things and phenomena. Have you already done everything you have wanted to? No? Then it’s time to start doing it and making your dreams come true.

Even dating is not a taboo for you now. Yes, it is not as serene as before but positive dating takes place. You may face specific challenges but with the tips below, you will overcome them all very easily.

Positive dating tips

positive dating

STD-positive dating is not the most attractive word combination when speaking about love and relationships. However, if you have been a bit carefree before, now it’s time to become more serious.

Positive singles are dating all over the world but of course, it wasn’t that easy for them to start. They found the strength inside and managed to face that challenge. It means that you can do it also, and these simple tips will help you do that.

No revenge

A lot of people get shocked after being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. It is possible to understand all the mess in their heads and how stressed they are. Not thinking for long, they decide to take revenge and it doesn’t even matter for them on who.

The logic is very simple — if I got contaminated by someone, I will do the same. This is the worst thing you can do. Forget about revenge if you want to start a new normal life. If someone has ruined your life, it doesn’t mean you should look for victims and do the same.

Innocent people will suffer just like you are suffering now. Revenge doesn’t make anyone happy. In some time, you will realize what you did and start beating yourself even more. You will not think of anything else and your guilty conscience will be eating you from inside.

If you have faced such a problem, do not hurry to hurt other people, you won’t feel better. You will make everything even more complicated. Have a sober mind and common sense — now you need them more than ever.

Take your time

Dating for positive singles is wonderful but you do not have to be in a hurry. After being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, you should give yourself some time to recover. Dating at once is not the best idea and here is why.

You are stressed even if you do not feel it. It happens more on a mental level and emotionally, you are not ready for dating yet. Your mind and body must get used to a new status and learn how to live with it.

It would be great to take a short trip somewhere to recover. You can spend more time with your family or friends. The closest people who support you will be very helpful in bringing you back to life.

If you have always dreamt of starting a hobby (painting, dancing, yoga), it’s time to start it. Just remember about sticking to your doctor’s recommendations. Give your mind and body time to get used to that thought and recover.

Sign up for a positive dating website

Fortunately, there are tons of dating sites for positive singles all over the Internet. Meanwhile, you can join one of them and start searching for positive connections. You can do it even at the stage of having rest and preparing mentally for a new way of life.

People searching for positive dating will never judge you because they do the same. They will not be afraid of you contaminating them because it is impossible. Of course, for not harming each other, you should look for partners having the same STD or viruses. Otherwise, you both will make your health conditions even worse.

No worries, there are thousands of people having the same diagnosis as you, so finding the right partner won’t be difficult at all. Dating when you are STD-positive is not as complicated as you could think at the beginning. There are rules for it still and you should follow them.

Always be honest

In positive dating, the most important thing is staying honest. There are many dating sites designed specifically for positive singles but many of such people still sign up for usual dating sites.

You are not forbidden to do that, however, you have to be honest in that case. The best thing would be to mention your peculiarity in your profile. This way, all healthy people will be aware of your issue and will decide whether they should get in touch or not.

This will also help other people with the same STD find you and send you a message. Yes, many such men and women join casual dating sites in search of their partners. By providing such information in your profile, you will make it easier for everyone.

Even if you decided to see someone outside a dating site, you have to be honest from the very beginning. If you start dating someone, tell this person about your issue before you become too close and transfer your relationship to the bedroom.

Yes, it is difficult and you may be afraid to lose the person you like so much, but this person is exactly the first one you must think of. After all, there are condoms that protect people from the majority of sexually transmitted diseases.

If this person likes you that much, she will accept it and stick to the safety rules. If she gets scared and runs away, this is also her right and you do not have to blame her for it. Keep searching then.

Your fears of losing someone should not be an obstacle to healthy relationships and you are obliged to let people know about your disease. Especially, if these people are someone you care for.

Your privacy matters

positive dating website

When joining a casual dating site, you might be really ashamed and embarrassed to post such intimate information about you right in your profile where everyone can see it. It is reasonable and understandable. No one wants to be judged by others.

Hiding such information from totally healthy people is also unfair. This is another reason for you to join specialized positive dating sites. All members using them have sexually transmitted diseases and you don’t have to write about it in your profile or every message. It is obvious.

Moreover, such sites offer full privacy and transparency. You can be sure that you are fully protected there. Other members won’t ask you inconvenient questions about your diagnosis. Even if they will, you may not be so embarrassed about it and can ask your questions, also.

Many of such sites have a special column in profiles where you need to state what kind of virus you have. Everyone must state it and you do not feel like a hermit anymore because you are just one of the same people like you.

On such specialized sites, everyone respects you and understands like no one else. This is all you need and you do not have to search for anything else.

The bottom line

Dating as an STD-positive single may not be what you imagined before but it is much better than hiding from the whole world in your room. Being positive doesn’t mean ending up your life and not looking for anyone anymore.

It means only that now, you will have to adjust to your new status and your new partner will need to adjust to it, too. It requires more responsibility and consciousness than all the affairs you had before but maybe this is what you need.

Life is not always so hassle-free and serene, it is hard work and relationships are an inevitable part of it. Learn how to overcome these difficulties and make sure that life is as wonderful as before. It might require just a bit more responsibility from you now.