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Bet you’ve heard that Russian girls belong to the prettiest women in the world. Millions of foreigners are dreaming of walking with such a gorgeous lady by their side. What is it so? What features make Russian brides registered at SofiaDate absolutely irresistible?

Why should you definitely date Russian women?

Their breathtaking beauty will knock you down

These women are dazzling. On the one hand, it’s a matter of genes — light eyes, fair skin, blond / dark hair; on the other hand, Russian ladies consider their beauty as a profitable investment. They don’t spare money or effort as far as their beauty is concerned. For this reason, one can find a lot of cosmetics and products for skincare in their homes.

When asked why they have ideal make-up and hairdo even if they are merely walking a dog, Russian women will answer «What’s wrong? Why shouldn’t I look beautiful every single moment?» Indeed, why not enhance your natural beauty, especially if it makes you feel more confident?

Besides, you never know when you can meet your special person so that it’s better to be prepared anytime. Did you know that an average Russian woman spends up to 30% of her income on cosmetics and makeup? An impressive amount, isn’t it?

Fabulous bodies of Russian women are well-known

This point logically stems from the previous one. Russian women boast about pear or hourglass-shaped bodies, and they go in for sports to keep fit. They don’t forget about regular exercise since their main objective is to always remain physically attractive.

For the same reason, Russian beauties dislike fast food and like walking. A healthy lifestyle is their conscious choice. Without a doubt, all these aspects largely contribute to the Russian ladies' stunning appearance. Beauty is impossible to resist.     

A fashionable wardrobe is a must for these girls

A perfect body in perfect clothes! Ladies from Russia pay a lot of attention to their wardrobe as well. Dressing to impress, they always thoroughly choose every outfit despite the importance of an occasion. Be it a skirt, dress, shoes, or accessories, all these details are carefully considered before a Russian girl goes out.

Even if she is going to buy some bread in the nearest shop. Besides, these women aren’t afraid to wear skirts, heels, and tights when it’s cold and slippery. Courage and beauty is a deadly combination, beware of that!   

Russian girls are educated, strong-willed, and powerful

Unlike rumor has it, women from Russia aren’t light-minded but strong-willed and capable of making serious decisions on their own. They consider education not a privilege but a must, that’s why they like learning and acquiring new knowledge.

Besides, due to the harsh social and economic conditions of their country, Russian girls know how to endure difficulties, which makes them reliable life-long partners who will never leave their beloved man in trouble. Also, keep in mind that there are far fewer men than women in Russia. This is another reason why they want to get married to Western men.    

Family values are the most precious to them

Russian female participants at SofiaDate highly value the notion of family and everything connected with it. Yet, don’t think that they marry just to become a silly housewife watching soap operas while a child is sleeping. These girls study hard, work hard, but still find time for their husbands and kids since family is a top priority for them.

For these ladies, a man is a primary provider, and they will always be a reliable partner and friend for their husbands. Thus, Russian brides are great at combining ambitions and family life.

Loyalty is their second name

You may be under the influence of creepy stories that all Russian women are gold diggers chasing after well-off foreigners to gouge them and move abroad. As a matter of fact, this myth has no reasonable ground. First of all, you should remember that Russian girls’ priority is a family union, which means that they are rather picky while choosing a life partner.

If you are rude, untidy, and lack fine manners, she isn’t likely to fall for you regardless of your financial status. Secondly, if they fall in love with you, and you treat them properly, they are very devoted to you. Commitment isn’t an empty sound for these ladies.

Just like other Slavic women, girls from Russia need to share their tenderness, love, and care with a beloved man. Thus, if you are looking for a life-long reliable, and loyal partner, choose from Russian women!  

Age isn’t an obstacle if she really loves you

If you have decided to date Russian girls, remember that age doesn’t matter for these beauties. They just want their man to be strong, mature, decisive, and reliable. Russian women are looking for a partner that is ready to become a leader, a provider, and a defender. Are you ready to assume that responsibility?

Make sure you don’t misunderstand this point. It doesn’t mean that a Russian lady will just stay at home while you are working hard. No, she will also be employed; she merely needs to know that you can give the security she is looking for.

For this reason, Russian girls often marry older men who are more reliable and stable than younger partners. However, you should also remember the following point. If a Russian lady feels you disrespect her or that you both can’t reach mutual understanding, she will start looking for another guy.

How to date a Russian woman successfully?

You have to correspond to her dazzling image

It seems obvious that a pretty woman wearing fine clothes wants her man to also look amazing; yet, many foreign men disregard this fact. Falling a victim to a myth that Russian ladies care only about the size of their wallet, they may come untidy for a date. This is the gravest mistake you can ever make, remember that.

To walk with a Russian beauty and hold her hand, you have to be well-prepared. Your face shaved, a nice haircut, perfumes, no greasy spots on your clothes, and God forbid, wrinkled shirt! Should a girl from Russia notice you aren’t neat, she will make a conclusion that you don’t respect and value her. Do you think you’ll meet once more?   

Thus, to make a favorable impression on a Russian lady that has conquered your heart, stick to the following points. Be a well-mannered neat and tidy gentleman, court her, and try to correspond to her overall shining image. Moreover, be kind and respectful of others as well; this will definitely give you additional points.

Aren’t you afraid of too independent women?

As one Russian poet fairly mentioned, «a Russian woman will stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house.» This statement creates an image of a strong self-sufficient woman who usually relies on herself only. For sure, Russian girls do need a worthy life partner but severe life has taught them to cope with difficulties alone.   

Therefore, you may expect that your potential Russian bride will be stubborn and independent in a relationship. Are you ready to face such a challenge? On the other hand, exactly Russian wives will support you in any hardship because they know how going through a black stripe feels.

To date Russian girls, never forget about romance

The girls present at SofiaDate communication platform find romance a crucial aspect of a relationship and marriage union as well. Of course, we are talking about flowers and poems! Are you good at poetry and serenades? Well, if not, you’d better learn some love poems to cite when you are on a date with a Russian beauty.

As for the flowers, you should bring her an odd number of flowers (since an even number is meant for tragic events only) and make sure that a bouquet isn’t too huge. Likewise, avoid making too expensive presents when you don’t know each other well enough.

The point is that expensive gifts may make them feel indebted, which is the worst feeling for Russian girls ever. Also, they may think that you are trying to «buy» them or treat them as light-minded little girls. Thus, you’d better focus on small but sweet signs of affection.

Russian girls adore courtship. Always behave like a gentleman and treat them like ladies. Open a door in front of them, help to take a coat off/on, move a chair for them to sit, give a hand, etc. They will definitely appreciate your kind respectful attitude.       

The golden rule to remember while dating a Russian girl is that you have to fight for her heart and affection. Make her feel desirable, don’t give up, and she will melt.  

What else should you know about the Russian date format?

Let’ start with the fact that it isn’t gouging if she expects you to pay for her on a date.

In the first place, foreigners may be surprised to find out that gender roles are stricter within Russian society than in the US or Western Europe. In Russia, it’s weird for a man to take part in children’s upbringing or doing some work around the house. 

That’s why if you want to impress your Russian beauty, suggest your help with these things and she would be immensely grateful to you!

Strict conservative gender roles typical of Russian society may dazzle Western women. Russian ladies can’t hold some professions (typically, dangerous ones like mining), yet this country boasts about 45% of women occupying leading positions.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned points, a foreigner shouldn’t worry if a Russian lady expects him to pay for her on a date. Western men would usually split bills on a date or pay alternatively, which is not the case with a girl from Russia.

You may believe it’s all about gouging, but if you are aware of conservative gender roles (and we’ve discussed them already), you’ll understand why Russian women view men as providers.

Other useful tips about how to date a Russian lady?

Get ready to meet all the relatives of your sweetheart. It’s quite a challenging experience for foreign men since such meetings imply that you have to eat a lot. In Russia, feasts are a routine matter and it’s considered impolite not to finish the dishes you have been offered.

It happens so because Russians are very hospitable, and for them, hospitality equals to overfeeding their guests (not to mention relatives). To continue, you will also have to go through the process of initiation, i.e., your girl’s father will ask you to pass some tests to prove that you are a trustworthy partner for their daughter.

These tests vary from family to family; just never refuse and try your best. Even if you fail, your brevity and decisiveness won’t go unnoticed. At least by your sweetheart.     

How fiercely will you fight to attract your Ice Queen?

Russians are a reserved nation so that they prefer to be distant until they get to know you better. That’s why you shouldn’t give up if you notice that a Russian girl you like seems somewhat aloof. She is just checking you, keep that in mind.

Moreover, the more a Russian beauty likes you, the more distant she may seem. Be decisive, stubborn, and keep moving on. Step by step, conquer her trust and devotion. Respectfully treat her like a lady, court her, pay signs of affection, and give her as much as she needs to open up to you.

Provided that you give her enough space and time, you’ll be really surprised to find out how caring and loving Russian belles are.  

All in all, Russian women rank among the most appealing and reliable brides. Their innate beauty, immense care potential, and need for giving and receiving love make them irreplaceable partners. Marrying a girl from Russia, you get an amazingly beautiful, deeply faithful, and sincerely loving wife who will never leave your side. Should you treat her correspondingly, she will become your dearest treasure you will never want to let go.