A guide to dating on SofiaDate

For foreigners, some aspects of dating Russian women may come as a surprise if they aren’t aware of the basic rules of dating Slavic women. Moreover, you may even endanger your relationship with a Russian beauty if you don’t behave as you are supposed to. Thus, let’s focus on Russian ladies’ expectations while on a date with their dream man.

Dating Russian women: Useful tips

Keep these points in mind if you want a Russian woman to fall for you.

Youth is the state of their soul

Even if a woman you are dating is in her late forties/fifties, she still considers herself a young girl. You see, this is explained by the fact that all Russian ladies pay immense attention to their appearance. It implies that bodies of a 20-year-old girl and a 40-year-old woman are typically the same stunning.

Russian beauties do care about the meals they eat, beverages they drink, and ways to underline their innate beauty. One of such means is regular exercise, meditation, or yoga. Apart from helping them remain fit, such things also give Russian ladies inner peace and the feeling of satisfaction with their life.

Why should I know these points?

These aspects are crucial to remember since they predetermine the way you should treat a Russian woman. No matter how old she is, you should always treat her as «forever young, » and God forbid you should mention something about her age. Bet you don’t want to insult such a belle!

Be her superhero – a real gentleman

In this respect, you should bear in mind that Russian girls are rather conservative. For them, a man is a supporter, a provider, and a hunter at the same time. They want you to conquer their heart by acting like a gentleman. You know what it means, don’t you?

What should I do?

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Well, in the first place, be prepared to pay for your lady if you go out for a meal. It doesn’t mean that your Russian girlfriend is a gold digger; it merely reflects the Slavic gender stereotype that a man provides for her woman. Unlike in the West, Russian ladies are unlikely to split the bill.   

Secondly, make sure you buy some flowers for the lady of your heart. It should be an odd number unless you are going to be present at a funeral. Russian beauties are crazy about romantic moments! Shower them with attention, care, and understanding, and they will open up to you!

Last but not least, it would be great if you remember to carry bags for a Russian lady, help her with her coat, let her go first in/off a building, etc. Though these gestures seem so natural, a lot of Russian men simply overlook them. This is one of the main reasons why Russian women are looking for foreign bridegrooms.

Keep in mind that primarily, women from Russia are looking for respect, kindness, and affection.  Thus, make sure you treat them correspondingly, and you will have all the chances to win their heart.

Don’t get mad if she is 10 minutes late

Yes, you got it right. A Russian girl is allowed to come late. Do you know why? Because she cares too much about her appearance and outlook since she wants you to be proud of her! With these things in mind, it would be easier for you to wait for her. Just imagine her standing in front of a mirror and deciding which clutch goes best with that pair of shoes, and you will understand why she has a right to be late.   

Don’t forget about compliments

Undoubtedly, if a Russian girl cares about the way she looks, she wants men to notice that. For this reason, you should be very attentive and try to notice even the slightest details of her outfit. Why is it so? Well, because you have to stand out from the crowd to make her choose you.

Thus, if you simply say «You look wonderful today, » you won’t surprise a Russian belle for sure. Moreover, she may think that you don’t care about her at all if you aren’t able to utter a more elaborate compliment. We don’t mean that you should become Shakespeare, but try to pay attention to some minor details like the color of her earrings perfectly reflecting the color of her eyes.

Make her smile and laugh

It is common knowledge that women fall for men who can make them laugh, and Russian women aren’t an exception to the rule. Make them smile and laugh, and you’ll definitely get one step closer to their passionate heart!

Why is humor such a powerful weapon? Probably because even adult women want to feel like little careless girls, and exactly laughter lets us feel relaxed and calm. So, recollect some jokes or funny childhood stories and tell them on your date with a Russian lady.

How do I date a Russian woman online?

On SofiaDate platform, dating Russian women online is a breeze. Simple free of clutter design and beginner-friendly interface combined with clear search and matching tools guarantee the efficiency of your communication with East Slavic members.

What goes first?

You just need to sign up and apply the parameters you find necessary to start looking for a perfect interlocutor or even a soulmate. Then, clicking the «Show my matches» button, you will get access to a number of profiles that comply with your requirements the most.   

How do I move further?

After you’ve communicated with a lady for a while and understood that you both have a lot in common, you may make use of our following features: send her a present, request her contact information, or organize a personal meeting.  This way, we give you an opportunity to turn cyber dating in a face-to-face meeting with a woman you like the most.

Tips about chatting with Russian ladies online

First and foremost, you should remember that online dating gives you a wonderful chance to get to know your Russian belle gradually, which is the core aspect since these women need much time to start trusting you. At the initial stage of communication, a Russian girl may seem aloof and reserved, but it’s just a mask she wears until you earn her trust.

Chatting tips to make use of

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  • Respond in a timely manner. Of course, you have a lot of things to do (just like your Russian girlfriend), but people find time for things important to them, right? Don’t make her wait for too long; otherwise, she will move on and find a more interested partner.
  • Likewise, give your lady some time to answer your messages. Don’t get mad if she doesn’t respond instantly. Remember that she may also be busy, but once she has a free minute, she will reply.
  • Don’t send too many messages in a row. Give your interlocutor enough time to respond to each one. Make sure your spelling and grammar are almost excellent.
  • Remember that a conversation implies a dialogue, not a monologue praising your best features. Instead of talking about yourself, let a lady speak. Show her that you are genuinely interested in her life.  
  • Avoid pursuing a girl even if she seems irresistible to you. The point is that Russian women are rather cautious and they need much time to decide whether they may trust you. Don’t speed the process of communication if you don’t want to scare a woman off.
  • Forget about «ghosting. » Don’t disappear without proper explanations because this behavior may deeply hurt a lady’s tender soul.
  • Forget about too obvious sexual hints. Remember that physical intimacy should be a result of a spiritual connection; thus, try to establish it first.

If you do everything correctly and your Russian girlfriend starts falling for you, you may notice the following signs of her flirty behavior in cyberspace.

She is flirting with you in the digital world

  • if she is really interested in communication with you, she won’t be afraid to send a message first;
  • she tries to respond quickly, or if she knows when she will be busy, she informs you about that;
  • she calls you cute names (a real sign of intimacy!), which means she is encouraging you to communicate more privately;
  • if she wants to befriend you in social networks, follow, comment on, and share your posts, it’s a true sign she wants to find more information about you and have common topics for conversations;
  • she sends emoticons and emojis to better express her thoughts and mood.   

As you see, communicating with Russian women isn’t that difficult if you know some core principles. These fascinating ladies registered on SofiaDate are really worthy of your attention, and you can check it on our platform!

Among other dating services where you can meet and interact with Russian women, SofiaDate offers you safe and reliable cyberspace to quickly get acquainted and engage in a meaningful relationship with impeccable Russian women. Let yourself become happy and immerse in the world of love, care, and passion with SofiaDate!