Must-know details about a serious relationship

If you ask any human about a relationship they are searching for, you will undoubtedly hear – a serious one. Each individual wants to have a long-lasting relationship, but why do so many people break because one person in the couple isn’t serious enough? They blame each other for not putting in effort and not contributing enough to their couple.

The reason is everyone has his own image of seriousness. If you ask one person, they will tell that they have a serious relationship after having two dates while others will claim there is nothing serious between him and her after one year of seeing each other. Everyone has his or her criteria for deciding whether their relationship is serious enough.

Regardless of your criteria, there are certain signs of such a relationship and if your couple shows these signs, you don’t date casually anymore. To find out whether your relationship is devoted enough, check the guide below and make your conclusions.

Casual relationships vs. serious relationships

We live in the age of freedom when everyone wants to be independent and doesn’t wish to be committed to anyone. Most young people are looking for hookups instead of meaningful  relationships. This is a sad reality of our times. It is sad but not many people are interested in being devoted to their crushes.

The most crucial distinguishing feature of a serious relationship is being committed to your partner. In case of casual dating, you can see other people at a time and no one will be offended. Both partners agree about dating other people and are ok with that.

None of you is free to date other people simultaneously if you are really serious about each other. If you do that, it will be considered cheating. Can a casual relationship get serious? Of course, it can.

When people see each other casually and start feeling something more and realize they don’t want to see anyone else at the moment, why can’t they engage in a more committed relationship? Of course, they can and many individuals do it successfully.

A new relationship after breakup or divorce

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Your first serious relationship after divorce can be awkward. Not everyone can start dating after experiencing a difficult divorce. It is a very tough time for everyone and starting a new connection seems impossible. Many people are afraid of being hurt again.

However, you shouldn’t be. Life must go on and you, like anyone else deserve to be happy. For that purpose, you need to build a new serious relationship although doing it isn’t easy. Check the following tips and start your first significant relationship with no stress and disappointment.

Leave your painful experience in the past

Building a new relationship after divorce is not that easy because of past issues. You have bad memories and many negative emotions. Someone has overcome betrayal or long and exhausting lawsuits. Of course, no one wants to live through the same emotions again.

However, you shouldn’t see a potential betrayer or gold-digger in each woman you meet. If you do that, you condemn yourself to failure. Suspecting everyone will not result in anything good. Your past failures, offenses, and disappointments will only destroy your new romantic bond.

Women will feel your negative attitude at once and no one would like to have a long-term bond with a suspicious man. Thus, your first meaningful relationship after divorce must start from scratch without recalling your past. 

Take your time

You shouldn’t be looking for a serious relationship right after the divorce. This is a huge mistake for the predominant majority of people. Rushing to create a new union without even recovering after your previous one will not end well. Your emotional condition is not good enough for new affairs. Your soul must fully recover from all disappointments and traumas, so jumping into the hugs of a new person at once after a break-up or divorce is wrong.

Take your time and start breathing freely before starting a new long-term relationship. It’s ok to have a couple of affairs but they do not mean you are getting committed. It’s impossible to start a new experience before forgetting all the sorrow and pain you have experienced. Thinking that you will find salvation in a new relationship is absolutely wrong.

Where can you find a committed connection?

A serious relationship isn’t something easy to find. You cannot buy it in the shop or get it as a gift. It is something you must work on and this work will be hard. Such a relationship cannot be spontaneous but is to be deserved.

Although many people are looking for a devotion, they are often not ready for it. You can try and meet someone in a traditional way. One of the most traditional ways to meet someone for commitment is still with the help of your friends.

Meeting someone family-oriented in a nightclub or bar is nearly impossible so this is not a very good idea. However, if you tell your friends «I want a serious relationship», they will find some good candidates for you at once. Who knows you better than your friends? They will definitely connect you with someone good and serious.

Dating agencies

If you cannot find anyone serious for free and need some help, you can apply for it to dating agencies. There might be a lot of them in your area, so you will not have any difficulties with finding a professional matchmaker. Matchmaking is a good way to find a long-term relationship. It gives a 100% result.

However, you should be ready that good matchmakers are not cheap and take a significant amount for their services. No worries, if you choose a reputable agency, you will be absolutely happy with the result and will be able to have a serious relationship very soon.

Online dating

Some individuals consider this way not very serious itself, however, you should not be skeptical about it. Online dating has reached an unbelievable extent and if you check customer’s reviews, you will see a lot of happy couples who managed to create strong families through dating sites.

When looking at such stories, we all want to start looking for a serious relationship online. If you have done it already, there might be nothing wrong with using a dating site for you. For newbies, everything may seem a little bit awkward.

If you have tried online dating but failed to find your serious relationship, it is the right time for changes, so check the following tips. If you have never tried it and are afraid to give it a try, the tips below will also help you make the right choice. Check them and hopefully, a serious relationship will not be long in coming.

A serious profile is half success  

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If you want to find a serious relationship, it is necessary to look serious to all candidates. Women must see your attitude. None wants to have a relationship with someone who didn’t put in any effort to let them know who he is.

Thus, when joining a dating site for a serious relationship, you must create a decent profile first. Would you believe someone is longing for a long-term relationship without even a single photo in his profile? It looks more like you just want to have fun. Make sure to post a recent photo of yourself. It would be good to post more than one picture.

Keep in mind that the choice of your photos also matters. For example, the one in your shades would not be good because psychologically, people think you are hiding something. You should also avoid posting photos with other women. It will not make any good impression on others. Needless to say that half-naked pictures do not attract serious ladies.

What about the description? You should provide enough information about yourself. It will help women understand who you are and what you are looking for. If you leave your profile empty, everyone will doubt your serious intentions. When pursuing a serious relationship, you should state it in your description to let women who are there just for fun know that you are not interested in them.

Answer messages

When searching for a serious relationship on a dating site, replying to questions and messages you receive is a must. Of course, if you are interested in a lady. Everyone is busy and may have no time for messaging on the site every day. It is absolutely normal. However, if you meet someone potentially suitable for you, you should not disappear.

It is recommended to let your crush know that you do not have a lot of time currently and will answer, for example, once a week until you get more free time. If you simply stop answering messages and then appear again in a month, your lady will hardly want to communicate with you further. She will suppose you are not serious and will find someone better.

Consider video chats

Someone who is seeking a serious relationship cannot get to know his potential matches through letters only. You never know how she sounds, what her facial expressions, smile, and gestures are. You don’t even know how the lady looks. People tend to lie in their profiles, post old photos, or just photoshopped ones.

You should make sure the lady behind those profile photos and letters is real. A video chat will help you do that. Moreover, your impressions of a video call can change your impressions of a person drastically. When reading a letter, everything seems to be great and beautiful but in reality, everything might not turn out as you wish. If you have serious intentions, arrange a video call or a personal date as soon as possible if you live not far from each other.

Signs of a serious relationship

If your relationship is serious, it is always obvious to both people in a couple. First of all, you both feel comfortable about one another and don’t want or need anyone else. You do not want to date anyone else as well as your partner because you are more than happy with each other.

A serious relationship doesn’t necessarily mean love. You may not confess your feelings toward each other at some stage. It is normal. Don’t require your partner to tell you that she loves you. If she doesn’t say that, it doesn’t mean she is not serious. Love is a very serious thing and serious people don’t say these words for nothing. They need time.

Commitment is not only about exclusivity but also about the willingness to help each other. In case people are serious about one another, they can bear responsibility for their soulmates and are ready to help them solve certain issues. If your better half supports you and never disappears when you are in need, he or she is definitely serious about you.