Speed dating: get a girlfriend for 180 seconds

Can you imagine getting to know someone within 180 seconds? This sounds like a challenge but it’s not. It is how hundreds or even thousands of people meet their life partners and it is called speed dating.

Some people do it just for fun to kill the time, others to support their friends. There are individuals who managed to meet wonderful partners through speed dating events though. If you have never tried it, then check the following speed dating guide and see how easy it is.

What is speed dating

Speed dating is a unique kind of dating and the person who created it is a genius. Multiple people may find their partners just within one short evening and that is simply great. If you are a newbie in this, you need to know how speed dating works and what it, actually, is.

Speed dating events might follow various schemes and be conducted in different ways but the general principle is the same. As a rule, people register beforehand and on arrival, they get their name tag and a scorecard. You do not have to provide your real name, a nickname would be ok.

Each date takes from three to ten minutes and once the time is over, you hear the signal to switch the partners. Before starting to get to know your next date, you must make notes on how much you liked the previous one. All the dates are going this way.

After you talk to all of the candidates and the evening is over, the organizers gather your scorecards. You will get the contact information of those girls you liked most of all if they made the same marks in front of your name.

It all sounds like a fun game and it really is an easy way to meet a lot of people within a short period of time and even ask someone for a real date after it. Still not sure whether you want to try speed dating? Then learn more information and all of the pros and cons below.

Are there speed dating events near me?

speed dating

Speed dating events can take place anywhere and you can find them near you as well. As a rule, you can attend them in various local bars or restaurants. If you browse the Internet a bit, you can find information on speed dating events in your area online.

Ask your friends about it, many people do it really often and you could just never know about it. When you go with your friends together, you are not that embarrassed and it is much more fun. The duration of such events depends on the number of people who attend them. Be ready to spend between one-two hours there.

If you wonder how old other members are, it depends on the organizers. Usually, you are invited to an event in your age group. Of course, if you are 35, you are not interested in meeting a lady in her 50s, are you? All this will be mentioned on the site of the event and your task is to state your real age if you want to meet decent ladies.

Speed dating tips

Someone adores speed dating and can do it for fun nearly every weekend. Others want to try but are afraid of failure, rejection, and do not like the idea of talking face-to-face to so many unknown people.

Regardless of what category you belong to, it is still worth trying just because why not? For making it easier, read the following tips and you will understand that there is nothing scary in attending speed dating events.

If you are lucky enough, you might get a phone number of a cutie within just three minutes. Let it be your motivation.

Look your best

This tip is really obvious. No matter what kind of event you attend, you must look your best. Speed dating is an event where you have a huge competition. Twenty or thirty other men will be trying to impress the same ladies like you, so your look is the very first thing you pay attention to.

Once you enter the room, women are  already estimating you in their minds. Do not be offended because you do the same when looking at them. A couple of minutes are not much to impress a woman but the way you look, dress, smell, and feel is enough.

If you are not sure about being stylish, ask your friends for help. If you have females among your friends or colleagues, it would be perfect. They will tell you their honest opinion and give you their recommendations on what to wear that evening.

Freshen up your wardrobe if you think all of your clothes are out of date and style. Needless to say, you should be tidy and neat, your shirts must be ironed. By all means, avoid looking careless. Look at your haircut and see if it is stylish enough. If not — visit your hairstylist right now.

Pay attention to your arms because women do. They must be clean and well-cared, especially nails. Your fragrance is a very important part of your image, so make sure to smell extremely tasty that evening. Don’t overdo it though. You must wear expensive perfume but not intrusive.

Prepare questions to ask beforehand

Even if you look perfect on your first speed dating evening, you may spoil everything once you open your mouth. Remember that you have just 180 seconds for the first impression. It is not much but enough to grab someone’s interest or turn off forever.

If you do not possess the best communication skills, you should work on them. No worries if you need to talk to ten or fifteen women for one hour. They have no idea what you have asked the previous girl. It means you can ask the same questions and touch the same topics each time.

Preparing the list of topics to discuss and questions to ask beforehand would facilitate everything a lot. Make sure not to bring that piece of paper with you — this will be the biggest failure. Just write them down at home as a helper and try to remember.

Do not try to memorize them all in the exact order because you will just look like a first-grader. Create an outline of your best ideas and know how to develop the topic. You can discuss anything you wish but avoid such questions as:

  • How old are you?
  • Why are you single?
  • How much do you earn?
  • Do you still live with your parents?
  • Why do you rent an apartment?

These are examples of very bad questions, none of the ladies will want to continue communicating with you after you ask something like that. Of course, you should also avoid topics about sex, religion, and politics. These are not things you should ask a woman about during your first three minutes of communication.

Avoid monologues

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When a man is talkative and sociable, it’s great because it is much easier for a woman to communicate. Do not be a chatterbox though. There should be a dialogue between you and your interlocutor. Talk 50/50, otherwise, you will not show any interest in a girl.

The opposite situation is when you have no idea what to ask and just are silent all the time. A lady must talk, ask you questions, and simply save the situation. It won’t be a success though. Remember to stick to a golden mean — you lead a dialogue, so ask enough questions but let your date ask them as well.

It is crucial to know where to stop. Avoid talking only about yourself without even asking a single question. She will think you are not interested at all and came for a speed dating event just to brag about yourself.

Rejection is normal

You shouldn’t be afraid of rejection. You come for a speed dating event to try your luck. Everyone has the same chances there but you do not necessarily have to meet a woman to date there. If you are shy, scared, or not confident, women can see it miles away.

If you have at least one phone number at the end of the night that’s already a success. If not, there is no tragedy. There might be no people who match you among those thirty women at all. Don’t worry, next time, you will be luckier.

You should realize that some girls also marked you as the one they would like to meet but you didn’t. For that reason, you don’t get each other’s contacts. If you are afraid of failure, then why try at all?

At least give it a try

Having speed dates may not be your dream, but it is really a lot of fun. Prepare for it well using the tips above and you will have no problems with them at all.

Do not perceive it as something serious and do not be afraid. You are an adult and mature person who has nothing to be afraid of. Getting a number of one cute girl is already a big victory, so why not try it at least?

You should take it as a sort of game. It is much easier to attend speed dating events with your friends when you can support each other and share your impressions. Who knows, you may like it and make it your hobby for every weekend.