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Nowadays, due to technological innovations, people around the globe may easily get acquainted and start dating in the digital world. Becoming a member of online dating communities, you can find either a perfect interlocutor or your significant other you have been waiting for so long. You only need a nice Internet connection and a device to access the network anytime.

Reasons for the popularity of cyber dating   

With millions of people inhabiting our planet, the phenomenon of loneliness isn’t rare. Let’s see how digital reality helps us fight this gruesome feeling.

It’s extremely convenient

In the first place, online dating enables you to get acquainted with lots of pretty women in the cozy atmosphere of your home. You don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking of a perfect place to set up a meeting with your dream woman because you are dating online!

Furthermore, you are free to meet many girls simultaneously, which is hardly an option in reality. Dating platforms offer a variety of female profiles, and you may quickly find an appropriate interlocutor simply by applying corresponding filters.

It’s easier to approach a woman

For many men, both for young and senior ones, approaching a girl they like is a challenging experience. They may feel either shy or not confident, which may prevent them from saying a simple «Hello. » Does it sound familiar to you? Well, then online dating is definitely your choice!

Spare yourself blushing, awkward silence, and embarrassment present during the face-to-face first-time meeting. To start online communication, it’s enough to read some information about a lady she has mentioned in her profile. Now you can text her more confidently than ever!

You are the master of your fate

It’s no surprise that modern male daters lead an active life. For this reason, they may lack time to start looking for a lady of their dream in reality. Yet, in the cyber world, everything is radically different. You are the only person responsible for who, when, and how long you spend time with. You may come home after work and relax chatting with ladies for a couple of hours.  

One of the main perks of online communication

Though some people may claim that digital dates are worse than personal meetings since they lack face-to-face interaction, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of video chatting with the girls you like. Just imagine that you can choose a woman from another country (or continent) and start chatting with her as if there was no distance between you both.

What is a video chat?

It is a service that lets you instantly connect with and enjoy conversations with admirable women from all corners of our planet as if they were sitting by your side, not by the other side of a screen. To use the service effectively, you need to have a webcam and a stable Internet connection.

Any advantages?

For sure, video chat is better than sending messages via ordinary «text chats» because you can see your interlocutor and their reactions to the things you are talking about. Besides, do you know that the major part of the information is transmitted non-verbally? It means that judging from your interlocutors’ facial expression, tone of voice, and gestures you may find out what they really think about a definite matter.

Also, if you are good at reading non-verbal signs, you can easily see if a lady’s words don’t contradict her thoughts. In case you aren’t an expert at such things, you can easily consult the web about the matter and become more confident while communicating online.

The point is that words may be deceitful whereas our non-verbal reactions are harder to fake.

Reduced expenses

Undoubtedly, after chatting with a lady you like via text messages, you may want to take your relationship to a new level and start considering the option of a face-to-face meeting. Yet, before you decide to visit her country of residence, it may be a good idea to try a video chat.

This will not only let you get to know your interlocutor better but also spare you unnecessary travel costs in case you find out you don’t want to personally meet a lady for some reason. Rather practical, isn’t it?

Wondering if video chatting is for you?

Let’s see who can find video chat an especially useful feature.

  • men who have a lot of work to do or whose active lifestyle doesn’t leave enough free time for finding a partner in real life;
  • men who are bored with routine and communication with women from their usual surroundings;
  • male daters who are thirsty for challenges, opening new horizons, and getting acquainted with ladies from different background;
  • men who are used to listening to their ratio before making serious decisions;
  • males who value their time, money, and inner resources;
  • men who appreciate visual contact with a woman they like;
  • shy men (either senior daters or young men).

 Video chat with her: Keys to success

Despite the fact that video chatting is widespread nowadays, there are some useful points to stick to.

Your general image matters

To make a favorable impression on a girl you like, you have to look nice and neat. As a rule, women pay a lot of attention to the way they look, that’s why you also have to prove that you care about yourself. It doesn’t mean that you have to be wearing a suit, but you’d better forget about shabby or dirty home clothes.

Likewise, forget about a week’s growth of beard (if it makes you look untidy or it isn’t your lifestyle) and a weird haircut. Remember that you have to look like a decent man worthy of conquering a Queen’s heart.

Your surrounding matters as well

No matter where you are while video chatting, make sure that place is tidy. Why is it so important? Well, because women like mature men who are able to take care of themselves and at least make their bed in the morning. So, if you chatting at home, tidy up a little bit to impress a girl, and she’ll definitely appreciate that.

Time exclusively for her

This aspect seems obvious, but a lot of men make the same mistake. They are trying to combine video chatting with doing some other things. What a bad practice! In the first place, a girl may think that she is of little interest to you if you don’t want to devote time exclusively to her.

More importantly, she may make a conclusion that you are a disorganized person who doesn’t know what time management is. Not a positive trait of an adult reliable man, is it?

Thus, devote some time to your woman and communicate with her without any distractions. Shower her with the utmost care and attention so that she will feel that she does matter to you.   

How do I keep her interested?

After you’ve found your ideal female interlocutor for video chatting, you should know how you can attract her interest in communication and keep it alive.

Make her the focus of your interest

First and foremost, remember that you don’t have to talk too much about yourself. There is no need to instantly tell about your super well-paid job, brand new car, or a number of girlfriends you’ve had. Keep in mind that women can easily notice if you want merely to pick them up, so you’d better avoid such things.

Thus, it’s better to let your woman speak. Ask her questions, preferably open-ended ones. This way you will show that her opinion and life are really important to you. It would be great if you succeed to find things in common since similarities draw people closer.

Be attentive

Video chat gives you a perfect opportunity to track your interlocutor’s emotions. For instance, you’ve said something and noticed that your lady is frowning. Prove that you do care about her feelings and emotions and ask what’s wrong. This will help you to better understand what topics you can and can’t discuss while your lady will be pleasantly surprised at your careful and respectful attitude.

Apply «the mirroring technique»

This is one of the most effective ways of making an interlocutor subconsciously like you. If you see, for instance, that a woman has taken some object in her hands, repeat this gesture. The point is that, on the subconscious level, we tend to like people reflecting our behavior since they remind us of ourselves.

Don’t make her a prey

No matter how much you may like a woman you are talking to, don’t start pursuing her. Keep in mind that girls like independent guys, not sissy boys who desperately need a woman like a child needs a mother. Either, you don’t have to distant yourself. Stick to a normal pace of gradually getting acquainted with each other.

In conclusion, video chat with girls is an excellent way of finding a nice interlocutor or even a soulmate just with the help of your webcam and Internet! Enjoy each other’s presence, share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and forget about distance. True love overcomes all the obstacles!